The Power of Prayer

           Search the Bible...
  As you read it prayerfully and faithfully... you will find Life.

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Supreme Order of Heaven and Earth

   Relational communication is the order of Heaven for His people. 
   It is the order of the Kingdom of God between heaven and Earth. 
   Every Good and Pleasurable thing comes down from the Father of Lights.
   God extends a gracious invitation for us to come to Him as to a Father. 
   Then, He offers His incredible power to do more than we ever dream of asking. 
   He offers us the ability to Take  Mountains!

   Scripture reveals God is minutely focused on the hearts and minds of each of us. 
   He is interested in what He has made- not only outwardly but more so of our inward person.
   The Old Testament of Moses, the place of worship for the people of Israel, is an example of
   the attention God puts on inner beauty as compared to outward beauty alone.
   The outer appearance of the Tabernacle of Moses was not eye-appealing.  It was covered with
   badger skins where as the inside of the Tabernacle was decorated with intricately woven
   veils and tapestries.  The Tabernacle is symbolic of the Holy Spirit's continuous weaving
   together of beautiful qualities in our character as he brings our lives in alignment with
   God's Kingdom Culture.
   As sons and daughters of God, when we grow in intimacy and maturity in our relationship
   with Him, He increases our sphere of authority and empowers it with His influence. 
   There is a place in intimacy with Father God where we move beyond praying a list and reciting
   Scripture promises.  There is a level at which our Heavenly Father shares His heart with us
   and allows us to influence Him and what happens in our lives, lives of others and within our
   nation and the nations of the world.

   How will your prayer life impact future generations?   Do you open your heart to the King
   of Glory and knit yourself to Him in covenant love?   As you do, He will arrest your affections.
   It is then that your bowl of prayers over your family, neighborhood, city and nation can be
    released and you can move into a place in God that affects the destinies of others.

   The Father's promise to you.
   "Because you have loved me, therefore I will deliver you;
    I will set you securely on high, because you have known My name.
    You will call upon Me, and I will answer you;

  1.   Pray for the harvest.
         Matthew 9:38;  Luke 10:2
  2.   Pray for the Church, that God will make it a praise in the earth.
         Isaiah 62:7
Pray that you may lead a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and honesty
         1 Timothy 2:2

  4.   Pray that God will open doors for ministry of the Word.
         Colossians 4:3
5.   Pray for the fullness of the Holy Spirit.
         Luke 11:13
6.   Pray for national and local leaders of governments.
         1 Timothy 2:1
7.   Pray that you have the desires that God wants you to have.
         Psalms 37:4; Mark 11:24
8.   Pray that you may interpret that which you speak in tongues.
         1 Corinthians 14:13
9.   Pray for those who have mistreated you.
         Luke 6:28
10.  Pray that you not enter into temptation and that you do no evil.
         Luke 22:40; 2 Corinthians 13:7
11.  Pray that your love may abound and display itself in greater depth and discernment. 
         Philippians 1:9
12.  Pray that your whole spirit, mind and body be preserved blameless unto the coming
         of the Lord.  1 Thessalonians 5:23

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