What are the Success Secrets to
Sharing the Kingdom?

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Do you desire to know Father God and
receive His gift
of eternal life?

Do you wish to encourage others to seek a personal relationship with Heavenly Father through the Lord Jesus Christ?

You may be asking  yourself, "How can I know I have received the gift of Salvation?"

How can I know?

 Ask the most important question...
Has anyone ever told you that God loves you
and that He has a wonderful plan for your life?

 Ask the 2nd most important question...
If you were to die this very second, do you know for sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you would go to Heaven?

Ask the 3nd most important question...
Do you really desire a personal relationship with Christ the Son of God?

Here is what God has instructed us in His Holy Word...

Rom 10:8-13  AMP
The Word (God's message in Christ) is near you, on your lips and in your heart; that is, the Word (the message, the basis and object)
of faith which we preach, [Deut 30:14.]

9 Because if you acknowledge and confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord and in your heart believe (adhere to, trust in, and rely on the truth) that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

10 For with the heart a person believes (adheres to, trusts in, and relies on Christ) and so is justified (declared righteous, acceptable to God), and with the mouth he confesses (declares openly and speaks out freely his faith) and confirms [his] salvation.

11 The Scripture says, No man who believes in Him [who adheres to, relies on, and trusts in Him] will [ever] be put to shame or be disappointed. [Ps 34:22; Isa 28:16; 49:23; Jer 17:7.]
12[No one] for there is no distinction between Jew and Greek. The same Lord is Lord over all
[of us] and He generously bestows His riches upon all who call upon Him [in faith].

13 For everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord [invoking Him as Lord]
will be saved. [Joel 2:32.]

Are you still not sure! Do you want to learn more as to how to obey the command of salvation?  
Click Here Now!

Perhaps, you already know you are "born again' by the Holy Spirit of God and you have been thinking about the following questions:

How can my friends get to know Jesus Christ?
How can I reach people I do not even know?
I want to help them, but what should I say?
I am uneasy? What might they think or say?

  One of City of Lights ministries is to equip you to overcome insecurities to the above questions.
How can this be?
  You can make the Free School of the Prophetic Voice and Newsletters an enrichment experience
   to touch your life, your family, your friends, new acquaintances and us!

The City of Lights resources are extended that you have the tools  to personally experience the
  beauty of God's Holiness and the power of His reality as you grow in His knowledge.
  Our hope is that you will participate fully with us to share the wonderful truth and life of Jesus Christ

   As you participate with us, the empowerment of the Word of God, the working of the Holy
  Ghost, the support and resources of the City of Lights, and the support of your TEAM
  associates will enhance your spiritual growth in the Greatest Christ centered Adventure
  of your Life...
directly from your home!

(Rom. 1:16) As Apostle Paul describes it best, "I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the  
   power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes...

   You do know that The Gospel is not about you... It is all about the Glory of God, right?
   When we get His perspective of why we are a believer, then we no longer see
   ourselves in a "hot seat!"
  Our focus is directed to Him and His plan and not on ourselves. 
  We can confidently relax as we share a non-confrontational message of the most
  valuable treasure...

 Life more abundantly today and Life eternal.

Do you want to look into the How To?
        Questions could be posed from the Holy Bible or any of City of Lights' prophetic webpages,
        emails, podcasts, Prophetic Voice Newsletters or other resources you choose.

   Our focus is on making commitment to Jesus Christ.
   Through City of Lights and the relationships you will build, you can be equipped to step into higher
   places for Him as you become a seasoned ambassador to the nations!

   Do you want to discover that you can accomplish what you set your heart and actions to do? 
   Do you want to live in ways you may have not ever dreamed possible that bring you great

Are you interested in spiritual growth, knowledge and training tools?
  There is a treasure of spiritual wealth developed for edification, training and growth in the City of  
  Lights website. 
Our Heavenly Father is a God of plenty and abundance!   To Him be the Glory!

  City of Lights is for your growth and a resource to sharing the Gospel.
  See link:  Go Forth to apprehend the scope of the website.
  See The Supernatural for an indepth study of God's Gift of Salvation.

  There are tools (scripts) to help you whether you wish to relate to others on the internet or to relate
   to them in person.   Scripts are prepared below to help you to be a "fisherman" of  "men" and do it
   in a manner that is fruitful.  The following is a direct personal approach to soul winning that is
   proven effective in many cities already this year! 

  Did you know, the most powerful application of communication is
 demonstrated when you..
  Ask a question?

  However, the answer must be relevant to the interrogatory.

   If I ask you the following two questions, and you sincerely try to accurately answer them,
  you will experience the dynamic power that are contained in questions.

  Is Your Confidence Being Shaken?
Are You Struggling Just to Hang On to Life?

  This letter will show you how you can change your circumstances and solve your problems. 
  But first… are you are willing to change?

Can you find a way to get through the uncertainties of life?
Is it really possible to do so? 

The secret to your Future is decided by whose voice you believe.
A life in Jesus Christ changes all things. 
How can this be?


   The Lord wants to show His grace and love to draw us to Himself.  God is willing to make Himself 
   known to you to let you know His heart and His mind!  Is that not awesome?

  You need to know…  
  He wants you to honor Him… put Him first. 
  He wants you to spend time with Him, personally.
  You can walk in the confidence of Him right here and now!
  Did you know?
  It is your privilege to be what He is in this world? 
(1 John 4:17) 

What is He in this world?
   He is Life… not life like you know it, but Life in abundance, in spirit and truth…
  Life of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.
  There is nothing that will bring you more confidence than a life
   that is dedicated and pleasing to God.

   Look at How much He loves and cares for you…
  “Now this is the confidence that we have in Him.  That if we ask anything according to His Will,
   He hears us.  And if we know He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions
   (requests) that we have asked of Him.    (1 John 5:14-15)

  But, did you know…
  you cannot ask with confidence until there is harmony between you and God?  
  What makes us unable to have confidence is disobedience and rebellion to God and to His ways.
  He wants you to become new in your heart, mind and body.
  He has a peace treaty waiting for all of mankind to accept.

  But, Did you know…
  When you have made peace by accepting His gift of His Son into your life you become changed?
  You see things differently. 
  Your desires bring you into a life of victory! 
  You overcome your circumstances through believing God and acting in His ways. 
  The way to know Father God is to know His Son, Jesus Christ.  

  But, Did you know…
  God’s ways are not our ways?  
  God’s promises are to those who honor Him and seek Him for His plan and purposes for their lives. 
  God’s promises never fail.
  There is a faith that rests in you when you believe God. 
   It is His presence that releases strength and wisdom.
  Do you want this awesome wonderful faith working in your life?
  Your Future is decided by whose voice you choose to believe...

But…Only believe His voice!
   His voice is recorded in the Holy Bible. 
   It is the voice of faith! 
   Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. (Romans 10:7)

   Faith is the power that gives you confidence to overcome.
   Faith does not come from your speaking a lot of positive things.
   It comes from your fellowship with God the Holy Spirit. 
   There is a wonderful fellowship with Jesus just waiting for you to speak to Him
   and ask Him to forgive you. 
   The main thing is that you take time to talk with Him and to learn of Him. 
   Talking with Jesus and reading His Word gives you Life.  
   Without the act of faith, you miss out on seeing the situation changed. 
In faith, Jesus can heal any situation. 

   But…You must give Him opportunity. 
   He will meet you in your absolute helplessness. 
   He wants to help you.
   All things are possible if you only believe.
Matthew 21:22 “And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive."
   Jesus is greater than all the powers of darkness, sickness, diseases and lack.
   He wants to fill you with His presence and His power. 
   He wants you to walk in confidence in a new life. 
   Faith releases God’s power to overcome all situations.
   Jesus is greater than any occasion. 
   He is waiting for an opportunity to bless you. 
   He is ready to deliver your soul to Father God by way of a supernatural change in your spirit.
   He wants to baptize you in the Holy Ghost.
   Through faith in the Name of Jesus… your confidence becomes whole.
   Go your way; and as you believe, so let it be done to you.
   Through the Name of Jesus, a new order of confidence and Life can be brought within you!

   Father God has made it easy for You to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.  His love has made the
   way for you to claim the full, rich, abundant life He offers to all in His Son, Jesus Christ. You do not
   have to qualify with a whole list of things to do.  It is simple, believe with your whole heart, soul and
   mind and speak that God sent His Son to you to forgive your sins... repent and make Him the Lord
   of your life.  As you do, you are born of the Spirit and all things become new!  God, the Holy Spirit
   supernaturally enters you and you enter the New Life in the Spirit! 
Do you want to experience this new life of confidence? 

Have you obeyed the command of salvation?
Learn more, Now!

  The following are guidelines for Sharing the Gospel.  They are to equip you with knowledge
   and give you various alternatives.

  More Scripts... How To..

   Do you think there is anyone on the internet that does not have an email address? 
  There would be very few, right? 
That knowledge is power!  Most people have an address book
   of family, friends
and acquaintances.

  Would you consider a non-confrontational approach to evangelism a powerful and valuable
  way to communicate with others?
   What would be a non-confrontational approach?
  For example, a non-confrontational way to present the Gospel would be to send a friendly message
  about the sample post illustrated below...

  Reference to a picture, a statement, or a podcast from one of City of Lights linked
  webpage presents a topic
for discussion
in an email, forum or blog. It can be a valuable asset to use
  to reach others for Christ.    Doing this will "take you out of a direct confrontation."
  Are you ready to learn how?

There are many subject matters
from which you can choose to design a question. 

        Want to see an example?  Make this survey your personal "trial run."
       For starters, send it to a friend or family member from your email address book.

        Title of your post:   Want to get someone's attention?
        [Start of post]
        I was surfing the other day and came across an interesting discussion
        as to whether
I knew the most powerful way to get someone's attention.  
        They gave me a most unusual challenge.
        They suggested I check out the following webpage:

        There were art pictures, many questions, bible quotations and references
        and some podcasts posted to
demonstrate the beginning of knowledge
        about the Revelation of Light.   Have you ever thought about having a Revelation
        about Light?
   It certainly is a strange question. Isn't it?

        Do you wonder about the deeper meaning of life?
         One of the keys they gave was that my future is decided
         by whose voice I have chosen to believe.
        Would you help me with a survey by doing me a favor?
Would you Check-out the podcast "Revelation of Light" and get back with me with your
        impressions and
I will most sincerely appreciate your responses.
                                                                           Revelation of Light 

        Thank you.

[end of post]    
What do you have to lose by testing the approach of a "trial email"?
A better question is what do you have to gain?
  Answer: You may gain a closer relationship and depending upon the spiritual status,
you may save a sinner by leading them to Christ!
You may have just found one of the individuals of your TEAM!

 Would you be interested in how another post might look?
Low Key or Non-Confrontational Evangelism
Simple and friendly email offer...

  For those who want to experience an exciting way to share the Love of Christ

  with other people, but are not comfortable to do so in a face to face situation,
  here is an "assignment" in which to participate.

   First, are you willing to contact us and become a Greater Works TEAM participant?
  You may work independently, however, there is power in working in the TEAM
  structure.  Jesus gave apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers for
  Team ministry. The Book of the Acts demonstrates the sending of Teams to cities
  and regions.   We genuinely want to hear from you.  If you use the scripts, we want
  to hear back from you as to the dynamics and results of the assignment.
  We are offering a support Team in which you may work.
  Our goal is to challenge you to use the creative graces that the Lord has given you.

Please use "Contact" link at bottom of this web page.

 (start of email Post)


  Dear (name),

  Would you help me with an assignment?
   I was recently introduced to an interesting website 
   listed on the internet as the City of Lights...

   It is really different than what I thought the City of Lights would be.

   I am doing a personal survey with those in my address book
see what other's may guess the City of Lights is all about.

Would you be willing to help me?

  Please take a look at the questions and answers below.

         Would you agree that the name of the website beckons questions such as...
         What does virtual city of lights mean?  [Yes or No]

         Is the City of Lights Paris France?  [Yes or No]

         Where is the Virtual City of Lights?  [Yes or No]

   If you answered Yes to all three questions, you were like me.

  This City of Lights website is about the Kingdom of Heaven.
  It was an eye opener to me!

         Do you remember how Jesus used parables to teach?
         He concluded His teachings with...
        "He that has ears to hear, let him hear,"
        "Hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches."

         Are you interested in learning about the Kingdom of Heaven?  [Yes or No]
           If you are, here is the link to the webpage:  www.virtualcityoflights.com
            It really is an eye opener!

  (end of post)     

   (start of email Post)
  (Name individual email is addressed),
  I signed up for the Prophetic Voice Newsletter
  so I could learn more about Life, Truth and Spirit
  in the Kingdom of Heaven.

  Would you let me know when you have visited the site?
  It will help me as part of the survey
  and I have other questions I would like to ask you.

  If you have any questions for me, let me know.

  Thank you for assisting with my assignment.
  Could you reply to me by  (give a day to reply...it shows the necessity of the reply)
  the TEAM is counting on me to complete our survey.

  (Your Custom Signature)

   [end of post]

Remember, this is a starting place. 
  For those who report back to you, you will have an opportunity to ask them if they
  would help you in testing the dynamics of the assignment.
  To test is to evaluate the results.
  Did the instructions and the actions taken accomplish the desired goals?
Did the assignment open the door to begin talking about the Gospel?

  2. Did you hear back from anyone?
  3. Did you find this exercise helpful and non-confrontational?
  4. Did you use the resources of the City of Lights webpage to stimulate dialog?
  5. Did they request the Prophetic Voice Newsletter?

It is discipleship to which Jesus directs the activities of the Church at large. 
  City of Lights is formulated to cover the biblical historical and spiritual applications
  of Christ.

Proverbs 9:10-11  AMP
   The reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord is the beginning (the chief and choice 
of Wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight and understanding.
   For by me [Wisdom from God] your days shall be multiplied, and the years of your life
   shall be increased. 

  Jesus is the lover of our souls and it is He through the Holy Spirit who administrates
  the increase given by Father God!
  (Hopefully, those with whom you shared the site Url would have searched it
  and have read this narrative.)

[The examples on this webpage may be freely used.
  Please be free to put your personality and way of saying things into them. 
   Use as is, or make them your own.  Redesign them if you choose.]


  In the Great Commission, Jesus instructed believers to make Christ followers.
  We are to reproduce ourselves as ambassadors of Christ!  Even the Angels
  celebrate when someone is rescued from the powers of darkness into the Light!

  Ephesians 5:9 
  For the fruit (the effect, the product) of the Light or the Spirit [consists] in every form
  of kindly goodness, uprightness of heart, and trueness of life. 

If you are not currently seeking to be a part of a TEAM that is active in evangelism,
we encourage you to do so.  It will bring much delight to you!
You do not have to be on the "confrontational edge" to share the Gospel of Christ!
God gave His Son the Body...the church and He gave spiritual gifts to accomplish the
callings... that is why we encourage you to read
TEAM Leaders.
When you become a part of a TEAM...
Together Everyone Accomplishes More!
Do you want to build another skill to use the path
of evangelism being demonstrated?
Let us do it together...   Our target may be one of three: forums, blogs or emails.
We first must have an account established in the digital vehicle we choose to use.

Let's click over to the webpage: Revelation of Light for the Questions posed.
Please take some time to survey the page.  It is rich in spiritual language.
This language is derived from the parts of speech and tense uses of words
based upon three ancient languages...Hebrews, Aramaic and Greek.
We study the participle and root forms of the words of these three languages
to determine their meanings in the scriptures which have been translated to English.
The languages of the Bible and subsequently of the Church of Jesus Christ is not a language of jargon.  It is spiritual and holy language.  As members of the Body of Christ,
it is important that we learn this spiritual language now translated to English. 
This learning process is foundational
to the decree Jesus gave when he charged His believers to discipleship.  He instructed that we become disciples.

All of the content of the Revelation of Light page is supported by clicking the
 "Contact Us" button.  You have the support and the resource of the Body.

We are here to help you to reach others and to provide a path for teaching and demonstrating the Kingdom of Heaven.  We are your TEAM extension.  However, you
and only you have the keys to activate the support!   Actions demonstrate our
level of faith.  God is all about Faith! The mechanics and the dynamics of

the TEAMs will be strengthened as others become an active part of the
                   Greater Works Ministry of Light.
  Our charge is to build! 
The Lord's Gospel and the Apostle Paul's letters instruct us how we are to build.

Let us make some questions for non-confrontational evangelism.
Here is a list of topics developed from the Revelation of Light webpage: 
(Use your own way of talking when you write.)

Have you searched God's purposes, patterns, and principles of the
   Kingdom of Heaven
to learn what He has provided?
What is the 3rd Dimension?
What is Jubilee?
A Double Portion?
Do you burn within?
Fire in Bones?
Do you have plans for eternity?
What are the secrets and mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven?
Eternity, what is it?
Eternity, what defines it?
Eternity, how can we understand it?
What is a created man?
Would you like to see more into the mysteries of Light?
Are you interested in knowledge that can release added strength
   into your pursuit of success in
all areas of your life?

What is Covenant?
How does Covenant apply to me?
Did you know that the Bible was written and compiled to give mankind
   an understanding of
things past, present and future in regard to the
   physical world and the spirit world?

Did you know the mind will attack the Word of God , call it myths and allegories?
How can we find answers to the great mysteries about these topics? 
What is a "new creature", a "new creation"?  
What is Life in the Spirit?
How can I understand this language of the Kingdom of Heaven?

Here is a pattern to use:
1.  Begin all your posts with a question.
     example: What is a created man?

2.  Ask a question... it elicits help from others.
     The question will get another's attention.
     example: Have you studied the marvelous works of biological
     and physiological processes?  I find it so amazing how everything
     functions in such precise and intricate order don't you?
3.  Make statements followed with qualifiers.
     example: I found myself on an interesting website the other day.
     Have you ever heard of the City of Lights?
     They gave such an interesting explanation to the creation of mankind.
    (Always use the power of two.  Point to another source as presenting
      the topic for discussion.  It keeps you out of direct confrontation.
     It keeps you out of the "hot seat.")
     They did...
     They showed...
     They said...
     They are...
     They can...
     Their proof...
     Their example...
     Their opinion...

4.  Non-confrontational evangelism requires us to be humble,
     but not to lie about our abilities.   Knowledge is always so wide, high,
and deep that we can truly say we do not know it all.  Right?
     example: I did not realize how little I understood about the Bible in the
of Adam and Eve on their webpage:
     They revealed so much about myself and some of the deeper
     meanings of life.
Have you ever thought about Adam and Eve in regard to...?

5. Give a statement, or a personal reaction or ask another relevant

     example:  Are you interested in spiritual truth? or the deeper 
     meanings of life? Where does one start looking for it?

     The information on  http://www.thepropheticvoice.com/index.html
     helped me understand what they were saying about the divine
     order of the
creation of the body, soul and spirit of an individual. 
     I was especially enlightened by their statements about the
     "mind of the spirit."  Did you know that our mind had a spirit?

6.  Ask them to return for more dialog.
     example:  I would genuinely appreciate hearing  from you.
      I am part of a TEAM seeking responses to help gather reactions 
      to the principles of divine order of the creation of body, soul and spirit.
      May we talk further about...?
[end of pattern]
Online we must go where non-believers are socially interacting if we are
to gain significant audience for the Gospel. 
The fact remains, to reach others we must go where we can meet them on their ground.
So, therefore, any "social network" will be a good place to start.
start on their ground responding to their interests they post.

     Our goal is to build an interactive relationship with others,
     not to engage in lengthy philosophical discussions or doctrinal
     disputes. Our goal is peaceful dialog.  Please do not "engage" religious
     spirits.   Simply offer these "kinds" opportunity to visit the City of Lights.
     We are interested in hungry, thirsty and teachable spirits.

We need to go out and communicate with the world.  For the most part,
the email "pass it on game" that consumes so many Christians on the internet is not an effective stewardship of time.  If each Christian dedicated to processing the "pass-ons" would come into relationship with the TEAMs and divide their time spent using the non-confrontational tools presented, there would be an explosion of 'new converts' into the Kingdom of Heaven!
The power of the Gospel is in its being spoken. (written)  Faith comes by hearing and hearing
comes by the Word of God.  Your mind is processing these written words as "words being
spoken to the spirit mind."

 Please read the webpage Ministers on Fire
to obtain a deeper understanding as to how serious it is as to where
we spend our time and  how the expense of time we are given relates to
objectives.  The Law of Seedtime and Harvest is a universal eternal Law.
It does not limit itself to money.

We need to communicate with the world.  How can we
practically initiate and develop friendship with non-believers and then realistically,
reverently and lovingly explain to them the Gospel of Christ?

1.  We must have a sincere desire and take actions to train ourselves
      to be led by the Holy Spirit in how, where and when to share our
2.  Do we personally have the skills and the faith to do so?
      If not, we must ask ourselves...why not?

This webpage was developed  to help reach the lost and begin to build relationship.
The City of Lights is for your edification that you may not only grow in spiritual knowledge,
but that you are equipped and encouraged to do the work of the ministry.

Getting involved in a niche group developing friendships is not a major task.
The challenge is to "break" the cycles of our habits and thoughts that we
are not able to do new things...especially share the Gospel online and
directly with another.

As you become a TEAM player in the body of this vision:
1.  You have opportunity for support and encouragement.
2.  You
have opportunity to  develop new skills.
3.  You
have opportunity for relationship for counsel.
4.  You
have opportunity to  find success in sharing the Gospel.
5.  You
have opportunity to  travel to nations without leaving home!
6.  You
have opportunity to  rejoice with the angels as souls are returned to God's Kingdom!
7.  You
have opportunity to make a Kingdom contribution by becoming new friends to those
     in need and who may become a part of your spiritual family!

Proverbs 18:24   He who has friends must be a friend himself.

We cannot expect to impose our behavior patterns on others.
Friendship develops in a give and take relationship.  We can be friends
without compromise in a non-Christian social setting.  We must be willing
to be guests of a non-believer and interact in their social setting.
We are not condoning the filth site of pornography and other abusive
perverted uses of the internet.  There are millions of forums, blogs and
websites whereby we can "connect' with the non-believer.

Here are some questions to consider as you "count the opportunities"
available to you without having to canvas neighborhoods, crusade malls
and search for face to face settings to participate in the Great Commission to reach souls.  
[However, these type encounters are appropriate as God leads us to build the Kingdom
in our local environments.  The first script on this webpage is an effective and powerful
tool for these purposes!]

(note: the reference following are non gender.)
►  For whom am I praying by name asking the Holy Spirit
       to open his eyes and change his heart until they receive Jesus Christ?
►  Is there any one person with whom I am seeking opportunities
       to show the love of Christ?
Am I willing to take further initiative to communicate the Gospel
      to him as the Holy Spirit gives opportunity?

Am I absence of vital contact with non-believers?

If you follow our leadership, you will avail yourself to a whole new experience in life!
You will find a peace, joy and fulfillment at a level that will bring newness
of life into your being.

Remember that you once were afar off from the knowledge and saving grace of Christ. 
As you begin to develop new skills and relationships
both with TEAM Leaders and with those whom you connect to share
the love of God...  great delight will fill your soul.
The Lord will give you His wonderful peace.

Most people resent being trapped in a one way conversation by someone who moves in and expounds their theme without even bothering to find out if the listener is interested. 
Don't you resent it, too? 
We start wondering if the speaker cares about us at all or if he just wants to hear his favorite
little speech again.
Is that the way you feel about this?

We must work positively and patiently to establish mutual interest with others... 
beginning first where their interests reside. 

Learn more  Go Forth... webpage!
Learn more Kingdom Visions...webpage!

    From the Desk of Ron Gann
    Heart of God Ministries International (HGMI)


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