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                        "Apostolic" denotes "sender" and "the one sent."
Apostle defined: gr., apostolos
   “ambassador,” “messenger,” envoy,” “one who represents the sender.”
  Paul writes to the Corinthians and expresses that they are the “products and proof”
  of his workmanship in the Lord.  They had become the seal (certificate, the living
  evidence) of his apostleship in the Lord--- confirming and authenticating it. 
  Also, note that in Titus 1:1-3, Paul conveys the specific manner of apostleship…
  “And (now) in HIS (Christ's) own appointed time HE has made manifest (made known)
  HIS WORD and revealed it as HIS MESSAGE through preaching entrusted to me (Paul)
  by command of God our Saviour… the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour. 
  Other apostolic functions are discussed by Paul in 2Cor, 12:1; 12:12.

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The crosses Christ allows us to endure ...
strengthens our faith and brings it to maturity.

     The Lord God Almighty is once again stirring the hearts of His people to walk
     in a dimension not yet experienced in the earth since the 3rd century! 
     He is preparing an Apostolic Holy Spirit filled Church!  It is an army of specialists
     trained and made ready for the awesome things He has prepared and shall reveal
     in this season of the 21st century! [see "Times and Seasons" in the Inner Chambers]
     The three crosses of Calvary represent God's Plan For Man.
To the right and left
     of Christ were highwayman robbers: men who would beat, steal and leave their
     victims stripped of all possessions, even to die.

1. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, suffered the cross for the salvation of all mankind.
         Through the Cross, Father God established a New Covenant...
         The Covenant of His Son. The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness would not
         only be established in Heaven but Now in the earth as well.
         Through the resurrection from the dead by the Holy Spirit to Life eternal,
         Messiah would be exalted and seated as King of all things to rule in fulfillment
         of Father God's promises spoken to the prophets.   
     2. One thief suffering the sentence of death for his sinful deeds held to his self-centered
         convictions and was blind to the grace of God that could be his...condemned not only
         to natural death, but due to hardness of heart and unbelief and lacking fear of God
         condemned to eternal separation from God.... the sentence of Hell.
     3. One thief suffering the sentence of death for his sinful deeds expressed honor
         to the Lord Jesus as he asked to be with Him when He received His kingdom. 
         The thief's reward was forgiveness and the promise to live in the eternal presence
          of God in Heaven.

     Luke 23:38-43  (
     38 For there was also an inscription above Him in letters of Greek, Latin and Hebrew:
     This is the King of the Jews.
     39 one of the criminals who was suspended kept up a railing at Him, saying,
     Are You not the Christ (the Messiah)? Rescue Yourself and us [from death]!
     40 But the other one reproved him, saying, Do you not even fear God,
     seeing you yourself are under the same sentence of condemnation and suffering
     the same penalty?
     41 And we indeed suffer it justly, receiving the due reward of our actions; but this
     Man has done nothing out of the way [nothing strange or eccentric or perverse or
     42 Then he said to Jesus, Lord, remember me when You come in Your kingly glory!
     43 And He answered him, Truly I tell you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise.


The 21st century apostolic Church is known by its mature faith and love
     Just as Jesus was taken through the furnace of trial, God's chosen army suffers
     the transformation from self-centered lives to Christ-centered lives. 
     The Holy Spirit establishes God's army in a restoration of apostolic faith in their hearts
     so that there is a full restoration of apostolic power, gifts and ministry. 
     It is the tests, trials and tribulations that strengthen the Body into a force that
     matures faith and dependence upon God in every circumstance in order to fulfill the
     calling as disciples.  At this juncture, the Body no longer relies on "self," 
     but yields entirely upon God the Holy Spirit and the Living Word!

     Luke 9:23-26  (
      23 And He said to all, If any person wills to come after Me, let him deny himself
     [disown himself, forget, lose sight of himself and his own interests, refuse and give
     up himself] and take up his cross daily and follow Me [cleave steadfastly to Me,
     conform wholly to My example in living and, if need be, in dying also].
     24 For whoever would preserve his life and save it will lose and destroy it,
     but whoever loses his life for My sake, he will preserve and save it [from the penalty
     of eternal death].
     25 For what does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and ruins or forfeits
     (loses) himself?
     26 Because whoever is ashamed of Me and of My teachings, of him will the
     Son of Man be ashamed when He comes in the [threefold] glory (the splendor
     and majesty) of Himself and of the Father and of the holy angels.
     The contemporary church has lost the message and the principles of the Gospel.
     But, there is Good News!  God is raising up a new generation, an apostolic-prophetic

     2 Corinthians 5:15-18 
      ... He died for all, so that all those who live might live no longer to and for themselves,
     but to and for Him Who died and was raised again for their sake.
    16 Consequently, from now on we estimate and regard no one from a [purely] human
     point of view [in terms of natural standards of value]. [No] even though we once did
     estimate Christ from a human viewpoint and as a man, yet now [we have such
     knowledge of Him that] we know Him no longer [in terms of the flesh].
    17 Therefore if any person is [ingrafted] in Christ (the Messiah) he is a new creation
     (a new creature altogether); the old [previous moral and spiritual condition] has
     passed away. Behold, the fresh and new has come!
    18 But all things are from God, Who through Jesus Christ reconciled us to Himself
     [received us into favor, brought us into harmony with Himself] and gave to us the
     ministry of reconciliation[that by word and deed we might aim to bring others into
     harmony with Him].

      His army is being completely emptied of self-will, joyfully submitted to a deep
     relationship with the Holy Spirit and speaking in authority that the very foundations
     of Hell tremble at the sound of their voices!   Remember, one of the objectives of the
     Lord Jesus Christ's mission to earth was to defeat and destroy the works of the devil. 
     We are to walk in that work to now break the bondage of the world of darkness.

    1 John 3:8 
      [But] he who commits sin [who practices evildoing] is of the devil [takes his character
     from the evil one], for the devil has sinned (violated the divine law) from the beginning.
     The reason the Son of God was made manifest (visible) was to undo (destroy, loosen,
     and dissolve) the works the devil [has done].

Apostolic - Prophetic Church

     The preaching of the Gospel as revealed in Acts 2: 21-42 by Peter is the Gospel
     of the Kingdom of the King.  He preached the Gospel that Jesus entrusted to His
     apostles (of the
Lamb), and His ascension-gift ministers, the apostolate...
the "fellowship of apostles." 
     The apostles of the Lamb were the original apostolic company,
     the first apostolic-prophetic team commissioned to Go Forth in the "Jewish Campaign"
     to gather a believing remnant of Israel to establish the "New Covenant Israel"! 
     The Kingdom of Righteousness through faith in Jesus Christ would bring the end
     of the age of Moses in the year 70 AD
with the destruction of Jerusalem and the
     destruction of the old order of worship at Herod's temple. 

     The destruction of the City, and the Temple was seen by the prophet Daniel...
He prophesied the Abomination of Desolation in which "the people of the prince"
     would come and destroy the city of Jerusalem following the death of the Messiah.
      (Ephesians 2:2  the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now works in the
     children of
disobedience:)  see Luke 21:20..." Jesus said, "when you see Jerusalem
     surrounded by armies,
(the Roman army sent by the maniac beast, Nero)...
     then recognize that her desolation is at hand." 

Desolation is TRIBULATION... see "End of the Church Age? in the Inner Chambers]
     Daniel 9:26-27 
      ...Messiah will be cut off and have nothing, and the people of the prince who is to
     come will
destroy the city and the sanctuary... on the wing of abominations will come
     one who makes
desolate, even until a complete destruction, one that is decreed,
     is poured out on the one who
makes desolate."  When Jerusalem became surrounded
     by armies--that would be the Abomination of Desolution.

     The Old would be destroyed and the New would be inaugurated! 
     It would take only 40 years,
to fulfill the prophesy of the Lord that He spoke to the
     disciples and to the Jewish leaders.

     His kingdom would be established within their generation, not some future millennium.
     Luke 21:31-32 
     ...when you see these things taking place, understand and know that the kingdom
     of God is at hand.
  32 Truly I tell you, this generation ( those living at that definite
     period of time) will not perish and pass away until all
has taken place.
     The apostasy that the Lord Jesus said would come, came in exact manner as
     He prophesied and it came before the end of the 1st century! 
     It came in the generation that was living from the time of the Lord's crucifixion until
     the total destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD.
     While it is true that throughout Church history, there have been other periods of decline
     and apostasy including in the 20th and 21st century,
     The Lord's Church (His wife/bride) will not fail in her purpose...
     Through the church's founder, Jesus Christ and His enthronement to the right hand
     of the Father (position of "all authority and power"), Lord of lords, and King of kings...
     and Head of the church... the Bride will ultimately succeed in her mission of discipline
     the nations and fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of God.
     There is a tremendous move of God throughout the nations of the world this very hour!
     The Holy Spirit is continually poured out upon flesh as prophesied.

     The outpouring of the Holy Spirit  was the evidence of the dawning of Messiah's Day
     as prophesied by the prophet, Joel. The Holy Ghost has been in the earth since
     the Day of Pentecost, the inauguration of the King and the Spiritual Church Age.
     Acts 2:16 
     But [instead] this is [the beginning of] what was spoken through the prophet Joel:
     And the prophet David (Acts 2:29-30) 
     Brethren, it is permitted me to tell you confidently and with freedom concerning
     the patriarch
David that he both died and was buried, and his tomb is with us to this day.
     30 Being however a prophet, and knowing that God had sealed to him with an oath that
would set one of his descendants on his throne,

     Acts 2:38-40 
      And Peter answered them, Repent (change your views and purpose to accept the will
     of God in your inner selves instead of rejecting it) and be baptized, every one of you,
     in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of and release from your sins; and you
     shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
     39 For the promise [of the Holy Spirit] is to and for you and your children, and to and
     for all that are far away, [even] to and for as many as the Lord our God invites and bids
     to come to Himself.
     Isaiah 57:19; Joel 2:32.
     40 And [Peter]  solemnly and earnestly witnessed (testified) and admonished
     (exhorted) with much more continuous speaking and warned (reproved, advised,
     encouraged) them, saying,
     Be saved from this crooked (perverse, wicked, unjust) generation.
     The Day of Pentecost was the inauguration of Messiah's Day,
     the Day of His enthronement... the initiation of the New Covenant, the Church Age...
     the time of Christ's millennial reigning on the eternal throne of David!
     He has been reigning Now for 2000 years:   1 millennium + 1
millennium = Millennial

     Acts 2:32-36 
     This Jesus God raised up, and of that all we [His disciples] are witnesses.
     33 Being therefore lifted high by and to the right hand of God, and having received
     from the Father the promised [blessing which is the] Holy Spirit, He has made this
     outpouring which you yourselves both see and hear.
     34 For David did not ascend into the heavens; yet he himself says,
     The Lord said to my Lord,
     Sit at My right hand and share My throne
     35 Until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet. [Ps 110:1.]
     36 Therefore let the whole house of Israel recognize beyond all doubt and
     acknowledge assuredly that God has made Him both Lord and Christ (the Messiah)--
     this Jesus Whom you crucified.
     The inauguration and establishment of the New Covenant was Confirmed. 
     God has never rescinded the eternal throne of David which scripture plainly states
     was established in heaven for the duration of forever and ever. 

     The Church has lost the Gospel of the Kingdom message! 
     Through the resurrection, ascension and enthronement, thereafter, the Holy Spirit
     was poured out upon those who were instructed to wait upon the Promise.
     They were filled with Him and empowered for the apostolic mission the Lord had
     commissioned during His 40 days with the apostles demonstrating and training them
     in the things of the Kingdom.
     Acts 1:3 
     To them also He showed Himself alive after His passion (His suffering in the garden
     and on the
cross) by [a series of] many convincing demonstrations [unquestionable
     evidences and infallible
proofs], appearing to them during forty days and talking [to them]
     about the things of the
kingdom of God.

     John, (an apostle, forerunner, vanguard, visionary) records the awesomeness of all
     that the Lord Jesus did both before and after His resurrection... 
    John 21:25 
    And there are also many other things which Jesus did. If they should be all recorded
    one by one
[in detail], I suppose that even the world itself could not contain (have room
    for) the books that
would be written.

     Paul, too, was given the revelation of the Kingdom directly from the Lord.
     Galatians 2:1-2; 7-9  
     THEN AFTER [an interval] of fourteen years I again went up to Jerusalem.
     [This time I went]
with Barnabas, taking Titus along with [me] also.
     2 I went because it was specially and divinely revealed to me that I should go,
     and I put before
them the Gospel [declaring to them that] which I preach among
     the Gentiles. However,
[I presented the matter] privately before those of repute,
     [for I wanted to make certain, by thus
at first confining my communication to this private
     conference] that I was not running or had not
run in vain [guarding against being
     discredited either in what I was planning to do or had
already done].
     7...when they [really] saw that I had been entrusted [to carry] the Gospel to the
[Gentiles, just as definitely] as Peter had been entrusted [to proclaim]
     the Gospel to the
circumcised [Jews, they were agreeable];
     8 For He Who motivated and fitted Peter and worked effectively through him for the
     mission to
the circumcised, motivated and fitted me and worked through me also for
     [the mission to] the
     9 And when they knew (perceived, recognized, understood, and acknowledged)
     the grace
(God's unmerited favor and spiritual blessing) that had been bestowed
     upon me, James and
Cephas (Peter) and John, who were reputed to be pillars of the
     Jerusalem church, gave to me
and Barnabas the right hand of fellowship, with the
     understanding that we should go to the
Gentiles and they to the circumcised (Jews).
     Note:  The right hand of fellowship was the act of acceptance into fellowship
                with the apostles.The Lord established His order for the Church through
                the "apostolate." In the ascension He expanded the apostolate! 
                He gave 5 functional gifts of men!
                His Church is established upon the foundations of Christ with the apostles
                and prophets building divinely upon that foundation as "master builders." 
                The King Jesus has not rescinded His apostolic gifts of men to the church.
     Ephesians 4:12 
     His intention was the perfecting and the full equipping of the saints (His consecrated
[that they should do] the work of ministering toward building up Christ's body
     (the church),
     John gives us a deeper understanding of the "fellowship of the apostles."
     Not only is it divine order as established by Christ with His apostolic-prophetic
     called out ones, but it is the divine order given for all
Holy Spirit-filled consecrated
     believers and followers.
     1 John 1:2-5 
     2 And the Life [an aspect of His being] was revealed (made manifest, demonstrated),
     and we
saw [as eyewitnesses] and are testifying to and declare to you the Life,
     the eternal Life [in Him]
  Who already existed with the Father and Who [actually] was
     made visible (was revealed) to us
[His followers].
     3 What we have seen and [ourselves] heard, we are also telling you, so that you too
realize and enjoy fellowship as partners and partakers with us. And [this] fellowship
     that we
have [which is a distinguishing mark of Christians] is with the Father and with
     His Son Jesus
Christ (the Messiah).
     4 And we are now writing these things to you so that our joy [in seeing you included]
     may be
full [and your joy may be complete].
     5 And this is the message [the message of promise] which we have heard from Him
     and now
are reporting to you: God is Light, and there is no darkness in Him at all
     [no, not in anyway].
     God is One, yet three in Persons,  Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 
     He is Truth, Life and Spirit!
     To be like the Lord Jesus and to function in apostolic power, we must be Spirit-filled!

     We will walk deeper into the "sign of the Spirit-filled believer" as we progress
     in this letter.

     Paul was called as an apostle to the nations (Gentiles). He and Barnabas are the
     original "models" of the ascension-gift apostles. The Lord added other ascension-gift
     individuals to Paul's apostolic TEAM.

     The Lord has never rescinded
ascension-gift apostles no matter what others may teach. 
     The scriptures were not altered to exclude the gifts of the Spirit from the Church nor the
     ascension-gifts of apostles, prophets, evangelists and shepherds and teachers.
     Acts 13:1-2 
     NOW IN the church (assembly) at Antioch there were prophets
     (inspired interpreters of the will and purposes of God) and teachers:
     Barnabas, Symeon who was called Niger [Black], Lucius of Cyrene,
     Manaen a member of the court of Herod the tetrarch, and Saul.

     2 While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said,
     Separate now for Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.

     Paul and His apostolic Team preached the same message as the apostles of the
     Lamb. (See Acts 13:16-52)   They worked together with the apostles of the Lamb
     to gather the believing remnant of the scattered Jews throughout the nations and
     the "first-fruits" of the Gentile nations to establish "New Covenant Israel,"  

     Zion is the spiritual nation, the Church of the first born, the instrumentality of the
     Kingdom established to extend the message of the King and His borders into all
     nations until the knowledge of the glory of the Lord fills the earth as the waters cover
     the seas.
     Paul always went first to the Jewish synagogues to proclaim the Kingdom.

     His Team preached the Gospel of the Kingdom and they ministered in the
     apostolic-prophetic power of the Holy Spirit!
     God has never changed His plan for the Church nor has He changed His
     apostolic-prophetic order for the Church.

     In the 1st century, "Falling away believers" began to leave the Church due to
     persecution and by the 3rd century Constantine had seized the Church for financial
     greed and political power. These actions resulted in quenching the apostolic thrust
     of the Holy Spirit. His presence
was forbidden the churches and those whom identified
     and walked in His power
were persecuted.

     Paul, Peter, John and Jude write letters of caution to the believers of the 1st century.
     Jesus also warns John in the trance to heaven of the book of revelation that he might
     both warn and comfort the saints concerning false apostles and false teachers who
     were infiltrating and trying to establish their own dominions for self-gain.
     Over the centuries, the message of the Kingdom had been so infused with false
     doctrines and stifling governance that great division and schisms in the Church
     have led to the advent of denominational propagation. 
     The 21st century Church is now restructured into organizational dynasties instead
     of the living organism of the Body of Christ... His One Holy Apostolic Church.

     God is reforming and restoring His Holy Nation, Zion, to succeed in its
     global mission to conquer the kingdom of darkness and disciple the nations
     of the world.  We are charged by the Lord to revive the empowered work of God.
     We are to restore the foundations of the Kingdom of Light laid by our King
     and His 1st century apostolic-prophetic Teams!

     We are to have a demonstration of apostolic power in our lives as a testimony
     of His marvelous Light!  As the Church walks with apostolic power, the nations will
     come to the Light of the Church's rising and the Lord's glory shall fill the earth.
     Isaiah 60:3 
     And nations shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.
     Habakkuk 2:14 
     But [the time is coming when] the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory
     of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.


    Apostolic-Prophetic applications of the ministry of revelation and the works of the Holy
    Spirit... Declare with me...

    "In the fullness of the Spirit and anointed with the Charismatic gifts of the Spirit,
    God's 21st century apostolic army shall Go Forth and demonstrate by great signs
    and exploits that God is still God! They will dispel the forces of darkness out of the minds
    and out of the hearts of the devil's captives. They will deliver God's people from bondage
    by liberating them from seducing and deceiving spirits of false doctrine, traditions,
    all forms of religious errors, as well as from fear, hate, resentment, and spiritual pride
    and delusions.  All of these have kept the Body of Christ divided!
    This 21st century apostolic army are commissioned and empowered to deliver
    the oppressed... break bondage of every yoke of despair... and set the captives free!
    They are destined to reclaim cities and nations to fill the earth with the glory of the Lord!"

    Do you hear what the Spirit has to say to the Church?  
    Are you willing to Pray... Plan... Prepare... and Pursue? 
    It will bless you mightily as you lay up treasures in heaven where moths and rust
    cannot destroy them.

   These treasures are the Spiritual Blessings of the Holy Spirit!

   You can be a part of this battalion army along with
                                                     Heart of God Ministries International today!

   The online ministry of Heart of God Ministries International is focused on training and
   equipping those who are willing to walk in the deeper realms of the Spirit-filled life!
Become an active participant of this Global "apostolic ministry central."


    In the Scripture of Luke 23: 42 above, the thief asks the Lord to remember him when
    He comes into His Kingly glory.  It is by believing that Jesus of Nazareth is the
    Son of God
and King of all nations that demonstrates the ultimate and absolute power
    of faith!
    Faith does not come to us full grown. 
    Our hearts and minds must be fed on the Word of God.
    Faith is a "fruit of the Spirit."  As a fruit, it must grow to maturity! 
    Sadly, few Christians today personally feed upon the Word of God. 
    Few Christians today are filled with the Holy Spirit as evidenced by speaking in tongues
    the experience of the Pentecost anointing.   

    If you hunger and thirst for the divine gifts of God, He will give to those who
    obey Him, who will earnestly
seek His ways and ask Him for more of the Holy Spirit!
    The 1st century church was apostolic because they believed and relied on the anointing
    presence of the Holy Spirit and knew that His anointing was only distributed through
    those whom diligently received His sign of anointing...  the spiritual gift of tongues.
    The charismatic gifts and ascension gift ministries along with the experience of the
    baptism of the Holy Spirit continued uninterrupted in the Church for 300 hundred years
    until worldliness and unbelief entered in causing them to greatly diminish as we have
    discussed in this letter.
    (search online:  Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History
    When the Church lost the experience of the baptism of the Holy Ghost, she also forfeited
    the charismatic Gifts of Revelation which is followed by preaching by the "letter of law."

    The Holy Spirit transmits the ministry of revelation through illumination and spiritual
    enlightenment of the Word of God as well as the "word of wisdom" and the "word of
    knowledge."  As the presence of the Holy Spirit working in the midst of the Church,
    is stifled, religious mindsets change God's theology to fit their experience...
    the experience is now religious orders and practices, without the Holy Spirit. 
    Furthermore, these theologies are based on intellectualism and humanism. 
    Unscriptural doctrines (heresies) are taught " as the word by religious and
    political leaders," many times being the one and same individual.
    Doctrines such as "all revelation ceased' with the first apostles of the Lamb are popular
    and widely taught in the contemporary churches. Thus, Ascension-gift ministries are
    nullified to routine man initiated charisma.  Power and demonstration of our eternal
    Godhead are no longer exemplified. Only the acts of man are encouraged.
    2 Timothy 3:5 (AMP)
    For [although] they hold a form of piety (true religion),
    they deny and reject and are strangers to the power of it
    [their conduct belies the genuineness of their profession].
    Avoid [all] such people [turn away from them].

    God is not a man that He should lie! There is not one fragment of Scripture to give
    evidence to such a doctrine.  The theological position cannot be supported! 
    On the contrary, the Scriptures clearly state that revelation is to continue. 
    Since all revelation is in the Holy Spirit, then the Church at large has been deceived. 
    In its current form of estimated 36,000+ denominations and institutions, in serious error. 
    Without the Spirit of revelation in the midst of believers of Jesus Christ, the Church has...
  Closed its doors so that the Holy Spirit cannot speak directly to her.
  Adopted the world's philosophy concerning the manner in which truth and knowledge
       are acquired.  Even "prophetic acclaimed ministries" seek the worlds daily TV, online
    and global news to define and prove the scriptures.  They are always looking for a sign
    to prove the authenticity of their doctrine.

    Where does this position lead the contemporary Church for the great commission
    to reach teach, train and equip disciples?
    Answer:  Any new so called "truth," 'insight," "knowledge," or "understanding" must come
    from the quest of "mediums" of theological, secular education, the occult and divination
    spiritualists, or, it must come through scientific research and philosophical intellectualism
    and hypothesis. Physical sciences do provide "truth's" about the temporal world within
    we live.  However, they do not provide answers regarding revelation of God's plans
    and guidance for the Church.

    The church has denied the eternal power and glory of the Risen Lord.  In its demise,
    it has lost all relationship and sensitivity to the will and working of an Eternal Living God
    working through the presence of the Holy Spirit in the daily affairs of the lives of mankind. 
    The Church's theology has been reduced to a level of secular science that bases its
    foundations on discovery, totally denying the power of God and the foundation of the Faith
    that Jesus, Son of God, taught... 
   Faith is as it has always been, a Religion of Revelation... 

    As we progress in the web pages of The Prophetic Voice and
                                                                                 The City of Lights Community,
    our very core of apostolic-prophetic teaching is based on a God who lives and
    demonstrates His Presence in the midst of His people!  Our message is alive and
    points you to the very source of all Revelation...
   The Revelation of Light...  the revelation of who Jesus Christ is
   and what His purposes are for the Church and each living soul!

   The Lord's Light of Truth
    Foundation of all Hope.
Generator of all Faith.
Satisfying Love of all desires.
  The Lord's Light of Life
    Guide for all conduct.
  The Lord's Light of the Spirit

    Governor of the Way, Truth, and Life on earth today.
Holy Spirit administrates.

     The character and personality of the Holy Spirit is supernatural, invasive and life
    changing!  When He “pours out” He creates apostolic results:
miracles, signs
    and wonders.  Invasions of  His work of repentance and spiritual gifts are manifest
    and dynamically changed lives result!

    Let’s get a full understanding of apostolic order and foundation...
    The sending actions of God establish the Kingdom of Heaven over the whole earth
    through Christ’s ascension gifts to the church of apostles, prophets, evangelists,
    shepherds, and teachers.
    These gifts of men set in order the House of the Lord to build on that which was
    entrusted to the apostles and prophets of the 1st century church to expand the
    Kingdom of God by bringing all nations under Christ’s reign.

    Through the apostolic-prophetic functions of the church, the Body receives access
    to supernatural power. Through this authority and power in action, the supernatural
    design and works of the ministry of the Church as led by the Holy Spirit accomplishes
    the mission to establish one holy universal church of God.

    May His Kingdom be fully manifest in earth, may the apostolic-prophetic order
    of the church emerge in divine connection!  May the knowledge of the glory
    of the Lord continue to flow over the whole earth, as the supernatural design for
    the Body, liberates God's apostolic messengers, His anointed!

    May you abide in these graces,..
    Ron Gann

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