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  Go Forth...  
Share the Light of Truth, Life and the Spirit of the
                            Kingdom of God with all who are drawn to know the
                            Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

    Father God is the source of the "City of Lights"
   Jesus Christ is the Light! 
He is the vision of His heart!
He is the radiant glory of Father God...
   His Church, His Body, His City of the New Jerusalem is Spiritual Zion!
    He radiates, illuminates and releases enlightenment through...

    His Light of Truth
   His Light of Life
   His Light of the Spirit

The world is in a spiritual darkness.
   It is lost without God and has no hope to solve the needs
   of humanity without the Light of Jesus Christ. 

   The Holy Spirit is the transmitter of the Light of Christ!

Lord is restoring the 21st century New Testament Church to be dynamic
   like it was in the 1st century Apostolic Church!
   It is the Lord of the Harvest who raises up spokesmen by apostolic
   administration of spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit upon whosoever will declare
   His prophetic message to the nations and cities of a rebellious and dying
   generation. It is He and only He who endues the Church with power
   to accomplish the mission and fulfill the prophetic decrees of the Scriptures!

   God is unveiling to overcomers a revelation of His power and authority of Jesus" Name.
   He is quickening apostolic faith in them through His Word and sending them forth to
   demonstrate that God is still God and that Jesus is the same Today, as yesterday!

The season of the Harvest of souls is ripe, very ripe! 
   The need to rally and become laborers is urgently pressing. 
   It is time to "Go Forth" without hesitation into the harvest field of the nations! 
   Today is the Day of Salvation!

   As you pursue the leading of the Holy Spirit to "your" ministry destiny,
   God will bless His people!
   The blessings will come through the "works" of the Word and the Spirit
   in apostolic-prophetic power.

   Please read on...

  An uncommon dream will require uncommon faith...
                                                                              Mike Murdock

    The Lord is bringing His people into a different spiritual season.
    You will hear much about Ephesians Chapter 4 in the days and months ahead.
    Ephesians 4:12 (AMP)
    His intention was the perfecting and the full equipping of the saints

    (His consecrated people) [that they should do] the work of ministering
    toward building up Christ's body (the church),

Follow with us and listen to

declarations, enlightenments, illuminations and revelations...

   Enjoy the anointed writings of a clear sound of His Voice as He leads us
   into a deeper
relationship with Him and His apostolic mission...
   to declare, disclose and transmit the
things of Jesus Christ...  
   (sending the Light to the world, into hearts and minds.)

   Isaiah 43:18-19 
   Do not [earnestly] remember the former things;
   neither consider the things of old.

   19 Behold, I am doing a new thing!
   Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know
   and will you not give heed to it?
   I will even make a way in the wilderness
   and rivers
in the desert.


    God loves you.  We love you in Christ. 
   We value you as a special gift of God!
   As you read the pages of The Prophetic Voice of the City of Lights,
   you will be introduced to the apostolic-prophetic mission of the Church..,
   These are our services to
offer you to do so. 
   As you are seasoned and ready, you can be a mighty asset to the
   Kingdom of God directly from where you are setting this very moment!

   God has given you spiritual weapons in your mouth and in both of  your hands!  
   Consider the keyboard in front of you...

   2 Corinthians 6:7 AMP
   By [speaking] the word of truth, in the power of God,
   with the weapons of righteousness
   for the right
hand [to attack] and for the left hand [to defend];
   Psalm 144:1 Amp
   BLESSED BE the Lord, my Rock and my keen and firm Strength,
   Who teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight--

  We are soldiers and defenders of the Truth of the Gospel and Life in the Holy Spirit.
  We are called to spiritual warfare! (see:  Ephesians. 6:11-13)

  The potential for Great Exploits by God's people is breathtaking!

  All the provisions for advancement are in place!  Are you available?

  As you participate with us, the empowerment of the Word of God, the working of the Holy
  Ghost, the spiritual support and resources of the City of Lights, and the support of your
  TEAM associates will enhance your spiritual growth in one of the Greatest Christ centered
   Adventures of your Life...
directly from your home!

Considering the keyboard in front of you...
    You can enter the Virtual World of Spiritual Warfare Today!
  Go Forth...  God is the Way Maker
  The Lord said to ask and the door shall be opened unto you. He added as you believe.
  It will cost time and energy... but God promises the Law of Seedtime and Harvest!
  Every seed that brings forth life must in itself die.  There is sacrifice to growth.
  However, the rewards are great!  Think of any kind of seed you know. 
  As it is planted for its purpose to bring forth much fruit, in its self all resources are drawn
  upon that a new thing might emerge!
  As you prepare to participate and become a leader, pray that God will help you model
of a true disciple - especially having your own time alone with God.  
  Be enthusiastic about growing spiritually, helping others grow, and sharing your faith with
  non-Christians.  Your spirit can be contagious and conveyed by the words of your mouth
  and your hands on the keyboard as they transcend other's spirits across the nations.
  You can literally transmit over the Virtual World Wide Web in apostolic power!. 
  God has gone before us!
  He has made all provisions for reaching and teaching the nations!

Go Forth...  The Apostolic Church

The army of God being prepared today, is one which is willing to submit itself to discipline
   of preparation as well as absolving all weaknesses through trials in anticipation of the great
   conflicts that lie ahead.  We learn through experience that we are not wrestling "against flesh
   and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of darkness of this world
   and against spiritual wickedness in high places."  

   In warfare, armies must have the necessary equipment, supplies and training. 
   No leader who expects to win rushes into battle without adequate preparation beforehand. 
   The battle is generally won in the planning stages.
   What is accomplished on the "field" of conflict is in large measure the results of careful
   planning of the strategy before the battle.  The Lord Jesus Christ gave the 1st century
   apostolic church the guidance and gifts of the Holy Spirit to enable them to accomplish
   establishing His Church. It functioned in His strategies entrusted to the Apostolic men
   and women of the Lamb and the Ascension-gift Apostolic-prophetic teams for a period
   of 300 years!  The army which God is this very day preparing in the 21st century, are
   those called who are alert and sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and who will instantly
   respond to Him and obey His directions.

  Go Forth...  'How To'    webpage

  God has ordained destiny for each of us and multitudes of others who will come together
  to work in His "Vineyard!"

  Rev 2:26 AMP
  And he who overcomes (is victorious) and who obeys My commands to the [very] end
  [doing the
works that please Me], I will give him authority and power over the nations;

  The Holy Spirit releases prophetic insights and declarations through the Word of God
   that will bring you into a keener awareness to enhance your personal spiritual walk.
   Like everything else, it takes a reforming of the heart in regard to setting priorities and
   generating desire for genuine spiritual growth. God has a plan for all His children to mature
   into the full stature of the image of His Son.
  God has a big and awesome expectation level!  He sees us as worthy of His time and
  guidance... that is why He abides in us by His Spirit! Jesus as a man could not enter the
  hearts and minds of men. He could discern and know, but His physical body limited where
  He could go and to how many He could minister.

  Now, by the abiding of the Holy Spirit, the Lord Jesus is not limited to Heaven or earth.
  The Holy Spirit is all present and as such is without limitations.
  We hope you have received our encouragement and have requested the Prophetic Newsletter. 
  It will cover many spiritual issues that we cannot adequately develop on the webpages.
  If you have not, please do sign up for the newsletters.

  Go Forth...  Ministers on Fire
  The Prophetic Voice Newsletters will orient you to the absolute need to put on the garment
  of the Word and the Spirit.  The Word is only made alive by the Holy Ghost!
  When you quest for knowledge with genuine spiritual hunger and thirst,
  God will give it to you freely.
  You will see the world through different eyes.
  You will see through the "eyes of understanding" called revelation!
  You will receive power as God releases His golden nuggets to you to better serve Him,
   others and yourself.
  To accomplish success of any God given vision, there is a divine order and pattern
   to reaching its fulfillment.  That pattern can be seen in all the things the Lord demonstrated
  as He revealed Father God through the divine working of the Holy Spirit.

   Our Heavenly father sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to fulfill the mission to prepare the Way
   for reconciling man back into relationship with the Godhead and to lay the solid apostolic-
   prophetic foundation for building the New Creation... the Spiritual Church!

  Go Forth...  Kingdom Visions webpage.

  Now, what does this all mean to you? You have a front row seat!
  You have favor of God and man!  [Note: all references to man and men are non-gender]
  You can tap into the very source of God for yourself and learn of His wonderful path
  for Your life!
  Let us share some deeper spiritual things with you...
  First of all you need to determine your very special dominate gift given at the moment
  of your New Birth in the Spirit through Christ!   Why?
  You need "to know" your special dominate gift to fulfill the purposes of God in your life.

  Secondly, you have opportunity to learn of the deeper spiritual principles God has bestowed
  upon you by exercising them in the work of the ministry. For strength and for anything to grow
  requires that it be exercised... Jesus tells of the parable of the talents to demonstrate that even
  money must be exercised.   It must conform to the 'pattern of Christ." 
  That pattern is well demonstrated as follows:  A seed must be planted and it must die in order
  to produce a multiplicity... an increase... a blessing of a harvest!
  With revelation and understanding, that is proven by the Word, we can focus our attention on
  "How to Build" relationship with the Holy Spirit.  He is a living Person.
  We can only see Him by the spirit.  He talks to us when we seek Him and ask Him questions. 
  You will know it is Him because no one else is aware of your relationship with Him.
  He will do mighty things!  He will most generally catch you in a "surprise" moment! 
  You will know that it is He and only He who has spoken or done those things.
  The reason is generally no one else in the moment of the action He chooses to manifest
  the answeror the need is aware of what you have confided in Him.
  Have you seen and witnessed "falling to the knees" or "on one's face" in times when God
  has revealed His presence...  Sometimes  a "word of knowledge" spoken through someone
  else will be so amazing and overwhelming that we know only God could know that which was
  spoken.   In those moments, we are awesomely overwhelmed!
  It may be on an occasion when the exact same words were spoken or a situation or confidential
  matter was changed. Only you in communion with the Holy Ghost had discussed it.  Usually, no one
  else knew about it or in some cases a witness will be present.
  The Holy Spirit will touch you in those times and the Love of Christ is so endearing that your whole
  soul and body may sob and shake.  His Love is so precious and so personal. He loves with agape
  love and man does not experience that realm except by the Holy Spirit's manifest presence.

 Yes, there are some of you reading these deeper things of the Spirit who do not believe them to
  happen. There are those who are serious doubters and the Lord has addressed people of such
  mind and hearts in many ways in both the Old and New Testaments.  God only lets believers and
  seekers with sincere hearts to enter close relationship with Him.   Disbelief is as a locked door that
  does not annul the fact that there are those who enter the door in faith and commune with God on 
  a very personal and close relationship.

  Learn the ways of the Spirit life. They are openly shared in the context of the City
  of Lights.   The City of Lights website is in its infancy. Those who connect with the vision
  and participate will have an awesome testimony of personal growth in the Spirit!
  The growth experience can be compared to the birth and progress of a new born baby
  as it develops skills and language understanding.  For the most part, we want to tell others
  about every new moment something new is learned and experienced that a newborn does.

  It is indescribable how a very light touch or a sensation of the Holy Ghost's presence around you,
  on you and usually within you will overtake and bless you.  It is an experience that words cannot
  adequately express!

  Why are there limited testimonies of this realm?
  Answer:  Our destiny in experiences are directly decided by who we chose to believe.
  If we truly believe God in Spirit and Truth through Jesus Christ the Word of God, we walk in realms
  of the Kingdom of Heaven and not in the realms of designs and dictates of men.
  All the gifts of God are relevant to us today just as they were given to the 1st century church,
  His apostolic special birthed and Holy Spirit empowered called out ones!  

  Go Forth...  Spiritual Gifts webpage.
  God does not see time as we do.  He does not put an earthly clock on us.  God of Time
  He uses spiritual exponential measures.  You can learn about God and spiritual realities of
  exponential powers in January 2009 Prophetic Voice Newsletter. These measures are not doctrine.
  They are demonstrations to help us better understand even more about the unlimited dynamics of
  God.  He is the great geometrical creator and ruler of the universe.

  Go Forth...  Greater Works webpage.
  You are encouraged to seek and study the full span of the Word of God. 
  What does the Word say?  God's people, the divine nation of Israel repeatedly strayed from God
  into legalism and traditional practices of religious leaders.  We encourage you to test the Scriptures
  as we present them to you.  You should choose to receive of what God is doing through us only
  for His glory and not for our glory... those who do so shall be blessed!
  Here is further encouragement of prophetic significance for all decisions you make:
  Seek God through the Holy Spirit with the Word and prayer.
  Do not seek through lack of knowledge, but seek through wisdom.
  Confide in those who are "spirit-filled' to answer questions of the Spirit.
  Be watchful of council from those who are not qualified to speak of the spirit life.
  Take caution in personal preferences and judgments. Many have missed God by internalizing
  other's opinions and not leaning on the counsel of the Word.  Being a Christian is more than
  "meat and drink."   Being a Christian is more than causing others to stumble by placing one's
   appetites on party gatherings centered on feasting or activities lacking moral and righteous actions.

  Romans 14:17 
  For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy
  in the Holy

  Did you catch the spirit of the word?   "In the Holy Ghost."
  How do you get in the Holy Ghost.  This ministry teaches "how to" enter the Light of the Spirit.
  The 'seed' scripture from which to receive is Romans 14:17... that we need heed what Jesus said
   to the woman at Jacob's well.  The living water is the Holy Ghost and He wants to pour out of you
   as rivers... in supernatural abundance!

  John 4:10 AMP
  Jesus answered her, If you had only known and had recognized God's gift and Who this is that is
  saying to you, Give Me a drink, you would have asked Him [instead] and He would have given you
  living water.

  We must learn to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, His apostolic anointing and His prophetic
  revelation of what we should do and what directions we should take steps.

  Through the services of Heart of God Ministries International, we hope to assist you in being
  anointed, joined, and jointed to work in God's purposes
with you and cover you with prayer.


  Go Forth... First the Physical and then the Spiritual
  God is the Blesser, the Increaser, the Multiplier! He has made you a gift...to work through an
  assembly of Holy Spirit filled believers.  Perhaps He plans to raise you up in His service as an
  apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher.  May you open your heart and pray about working
  with Heart of God Ministries International?

  Our prayer is for you to be filled with John 4:10 in fullness of understanding.
  Let us come to the "mountain of God" together in the Spirit to give Him all praises and glory!

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