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    Book of Revelation 19:10

    Then I fell prostrate at his feet to worship (to pay divine honors) to him,
    but he [restrained me] and said, Refrain! [You must not do that!] I am [only]
    another servant with you and your brethren who have [accepted and hold]
    the testimony borne by Jesus. Worship God!
    For the substance (essence) of the truth revealed by Jesus
    is the spirit of all prophecy
[the vital breath, the inspiration of all inspired preaching and
    interpretation of the divine will and purpose, including both mine and yours].

    Biblical prophesy is not "prediction" in the occult sense of "seers" i.e.
    Nostradomus, Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon and the countless 1000's of charlatans
    masquerading as tellers of the future and psychics. 
    The ultimate purpose of true prophecy is to build up, admonish, stir up, encourage
    and release from pain and discomfort, and to enable people to know and understand
    the heart beat of God for themselves.
    It is The Holy Bible that sets in divine order God's covenants/promises/prophesy.
    The Word of Truth records and demonstrates the only Living God of all creation.
    It is a spoken and recorded revelation of Himself.  It is the account of
    and judgment coming to us in the mediator, the Lord Jesus Christ.

First, The Holy Bible is the account of HIs relationship with mankind from the beginning of
and gives details of His Church of the Wilderness the nation, Israel, which He
through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to present His presence in the earth manifest
    in the midst of His divinely created nation.   

    Secondly, it is the account of the birth and establishment of The New Covenant,
    The New Creation, Spiritual Israel, the Body
of Jesus Christ, the One Holy Universal Apostolic

    In the New Testament, the prophet's voice is heard through the gifts of the Spirit through
    a member of the Body of Christ and obliged to function and co-operate with other related

     Also, in all passages referring to the prophetic ministry in the New Testament,
     we read about plurality of prophets. There is much to write about the order and
     scriptural applications to the prophetic voice which we hope you will uncover in
     HGMI web pages and through The Prophetic Voice Newsletters.


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The prophetic declarations on this web page are sequential. 
The Year 2011 is posted last.

  The following are prophetic Words Of Knowledge released to the
  Body of Christ through His
ascension gifts of...

    Prophetic Declarations are not for the curious of heart but for the hungry and thirsty seeking
   after the deeper life in the Spirit.  Israel missed their season due to hard hearts and unbelief. 
   To discern prophetic "treasures" requires a heart of openess, transparency and faith.
   Over the recent years we have journaled the inspirations, illuminations and enlightened
   "Words of Knowledge" released for a yearly season.  These are accumulative in the essence
    of time and God does not track time as does mankind.   He expanses time as eternal...
    that which has no beginning of days and no ending.  As He has spoken to give us insight
    into this expanse of measurement, it is given as comparison... and not in literal dimensions.
2 Peter 3:8  AMP
    Nevertheless, do not let this one fact escape you, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a
    thousand years and a thousand years as one day.
    God's time table is not limited. It is vast and continues until the Father determines a change
    or season for an event.

    God uses poetic and literary graces to convey information for revelation to that which He
    desires to prophetically conceal. 
    Proverb 25:2-3 
    2 It is the glory of God to conceal a matter,
    But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.
    3 As the heavens for height and the earth for depth,
    So the heart of kings is unsearchable.

   The Holy Spirit has only one voice, yet He uses earthen vessels through which to convey
    the Heart of God to His people.
   Keep in mind that the prophesies, the prophetic declarations, of Isaiah
of the coming Son of God
    in flesh to the earth were fulfilled approximately
700 years after the Lord Almighty came upon
    him by the Holy Spirit.
    Today, the Holy Spirit resides within God's people.  He speaks and works directly through
    us releasing His gifts by His presence.  We have entered into a season where we are beginning
    to see
the Word of Knowledge spoken in 1979 by Charles Capps being confirmed through the
    prophetic gifts of the Holy Spirit and as He inspires others to speak uniformly to the Body of
    the universal Church of Jesus Christ.   The prophesies shared on this web page demonstrate
    a "golden thread" woven in unity of God's purposes for us as He continues to lead and guide
    the Church.   May the Lord give grace to your spiritual eyes to see and discern and give grace to
    your spiritual ears of understanding to recieve in faith and hold fast to His promises. 

A Word of Knowledge

  In 1979, a prophetic Word of Knowledge delivered through Charles Capps in Anaheim, California
  was planted in my heart and spirit. 
This message has remained alive!  Even though it has been
  34 years,
my (Ron Gann) expectation still remains strong to experience God's fulfillment!
  Today, we are at the threshold of manifestation and soon to experience
this precious prophetic
  declaration in our lives:

  Brother Capps prophesied:

  "I said in My Word that I would make the Jews jealous.  In these days there will come forth 
  manifestations of financial success in the lives of men that set themselves to be obedient to
  My Word and give Me what I say to give. 

  They will be so successful in areas until men will ask them,
  "How is it that this came to pass?
   How is it so that it came to pass in a short time? 
  And they will say, 'Because we were obedient to the Word.' 

  They will open and show to them the Word of God.
  Men will rise and began to enter into it, and so will they go, and it will be so through these means
  of the hundredfold return that
multitudes throughout the nations of the world shall hear and see
  and say,
'The times are failing and our ways in the days past have failed and we are not able to
  make it.  We hear of the things that are strange to our ears,
but tell us and teach us of these ways.'

  And it shall be so that they will send for men of God to teach them the ways of the Word. 
  And it will come throughout the earth and shall sweep
as the revival fire in the early church. 
  It shall be beyond what men have
conceived in days past.

  Ministries of finance shall spring forth and the knowledge of the Lord shall grow in the earth until
  all that is in the earth shall be born into the Kingdom
to put forth the message of the Gospel. 
  It should be financed in these
days far beyond what has ever been done,  for these days are
  My days
of My Power and My Strength, and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just. 
  So watch Me filter it into their hands, saith the Lord."

Words of Wisdom and Words of Knowledge are not always delivered as "Thus saith the Lord."
We are to judge the "word" and not the deliverer and style in which it is spoken.

   1 Corinthians 14:1, 14:3   AMP
    EAGERLY PURSUE and seek to acquire [this] love [make it your aim, your great quest];
    and earnestly desire and cultivate the spiritual endowments (gifts), especially that you may
    prophesy ( interpret the divine will and purpose in inspired preaching and teaching).
    3 But [on the other hand], the one who prophesies [who interprets the divine will and purpose
    in inspired preaching and teaching] speaks to men for their upbuilding and constructive spiritual
    progress and encouragement and consolation.

Given on March 7, 2008
Delivered through Jeaniece Peppers

   For this is the year for advancement in the Kingdom of God. 
   It has been said that 2008 is the year of the open gate. 
   But I say this is the year of the
open door for those who have been in obscurity to come to the
The stars are falling this year, promotions are being given to those that have been in
   dark places and in caves.  It is being given to those who have drunk from the crucible of
trials and
   storms and position themselves on their faces.

   Promotion Promotion Promotion is coming to those who have humbled themselves beneath the
   mighty hand of God... accelerating and advancing
at a supernatural pace.

  Word of Knowledge released January 2008...

  The year 2008 opens us into a new realm of the purposes of God!
  We must not believe our eyes, our human intellectual enlightenment, but we are to put our faith in
  those things unseen... the things of the Spirit of the Living God. 
  Everything in the heavens and on earth are being magnified!

The physical world will testify of the fact that the heavens are open!
God is shaking all things that they may become new!
  God will guide us as to how to walk in the administration of the unseen works of the Holy Spirit
  by His word and acts. 
When tending to the "word of the prophetic" and "the actions of faith"
  then "see" God's plan revealed! 

                                                                               Ron Gann

The following prophetic declarations were posted on The Elijah List Newsletter

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Gale Sheehan:
"Kingdom Reformation is at
As GREAT as you SEE ME will be as Great as I Will Be"

 Seeing God Great in Church Reformation for City Transformation

  The Lord has been speaking to me prophetically and saying, "As GREAT as you see Me will
   be as GREAT as I will be." The Scripture the Lord  gave me to confirm this prophetic word is
   Numbers 13. This is the story of Moses being directed by the Lord to send spies into the Promised
   Land to bring back a report of the land. The spies came back with proof that there was a great
   harvest in the land and it was very fruitful and prosperous.
   The valley of Eshcol had grapes of tremendous proportions.  However, only two of the spies,
   Joshua and Caleb, said it was a land that could be taken and possessed with the help of the Lord.
   The other spies said the land could not be taken because all the people in the land were giants
   and the cities were greatly fortified.

   This negative report was not even a true analysis of the land. It was true that there were a few
   giants in the land, but not the exaggeration that all
the people of the land being giants. Because
   of this negative report, the
Israelites became dismayed and did not enter the land to fight and
it. Joshua and Caleb were the only two people of about two million that actually got to
   enter the land and possess it, and that was many years after
this story. They, however, held fast
   to their original view, which was--if
God is for us we can take the land--giants or not.
   2008 will be a year that God will be as great as how "we see Him" in our battles, challenges,
   opportunities and destinies. This year, we will need to
see the Lord moving great on our behalf--
   or there will be no lands, spoils,
and victories to possess. God wants to demonstrate He is able
   to do all
things exceedingly and abundantly beyond all we ask or think according to His power that
   works within us. That means He desires to do great on our behalf and cause us to possess great
   things for Him. The only way we
will be able to gain the victories He has for us this year, is to have
same view and mentality of Joshua and Caleb of old. This is the perspective that--we can do
   it because we see God as being a Great God!

   His Greatness is all that matters in the battles at hand. We will need to see His greatness and
   decree His greatness to make our victories real. The power of our words enforces the greatness
   of our God.
We can be a people that are not persuaded by the negative reports or facts of the
   satanic kingdom, but be ones moving forward in faith by the Word of the Lord.
   In the midst of darkness and birth pangs of last day events, we can be a people of God arising
   and shining--because our God is a Great God.

   Here are some keys to enable us to see and experience God being  GREAT in 2008:

 1. Magnify the Lord!
     "O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together."
      Psalm 34:3

   We can magnify the Lord in our situations by focusing on Him and His victory in the midst of all else
   that would persuade us otherwise. 
Even though we do not make God bigger in an actual sense,
   we do make Him "bigger" than doubt,unbelief, disease, financial lack, despair etc. in our
eyes and
   in our heart.
This is important because out of our heart the mouth speaks.
   We acknowledge who He is in character first and foremost and worship Him because of that.

 2. His Word is His Promise!
     "...for thou hast magnified Thy word according to all Thy name."
     Psalm 138:2

   God says that He Himself has exalted the power of His Word according to all His name. God has
   declared the victories He has for us in His Word.  This Scripture in Psalms says God stands behind
   His Word with all that
He is.  If we desire to experience the victories God has for us, we need to
   know what His Word says. There is power in every promise of the Lord to make that promise
   happen. This means natural things and demonic things must change to come in agreement with
   the Word of the Lord. 
In order for us to walk in this realm, we must move from being passively 
   hopeful in our thinking, to being actively aggressive with our mouth.
"The victory is in our mouth."

 3. God's Spoils are GREAT!
    "Now the sons of Israel had done according to the Word of Moses, for  they had requested from
    the Egyptians articles of silver and articles
of gold and clothing: and the Lord had given the people
    favor in the sight
of the Egyptians, so that they let them have their request.
    Thus they plundered the Egyptians." Exodus 12:35-36

   When the Israelites spied out their promised land, they found the land had great spoils to be taken.
   There were supernatural grapes that would
require two men to carry a single cluster between poles.
   We must see that with God, we also have great spoils to plunder and the things the enemy has
   robbed must be returned. After many years in
captivity, the Israelites left Egypt with a great spoil of
   silver, gold and
precious commodities. However, the only way we will get the spoils into our hands
   is seeing God be great in the midst of the situation and relying
upon Him in impossible situations.
   We do this by decreeing and declaring
who He is and who we are in Him.
 4. Seeing God GREAT in Battle!
    "And the Lord confounded them before Israel, and He slew them with a great slaughter at
    Gibeon...and as far Makkedah.

    The Lord threw large hailstones from Heaven...and there were more who died from the hailstones
    than those whom the sons of Israel killed
with a sword." Joshua 10:10-11
   This passage shows that God is actively involved in our battles. Sometimes He may use hailstones;
   sometimes He may discharge angels to fight; sometimes
He may alter the natural courses of rivers
   and seas; sometimes He confuses
the enemy to fight among themselves.
   We are co-laborers with the Lord in the
battles we are in.  It is important to know that we cannot do
   God's part and
He will not do our part. God wants to us co-labor with Him to release our victories
   and defeat our enemies.

 5. See God's Great Love for Us!
     "But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.
     For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor
principalities, nor things present,
     nor things to come, nor powers, nor
height, nor depth, nor any other created thing shall be able
     to separate
us from the love of God, which is in Christ our Lord." Romans 8:37-39
   God's everlasting love for us is the key and foundation for our victory and destiny in Him.
   He loved us before we knew Him and has the victorious
plan for us to be conformed to the image
   of Jesus. As we follow Him in
obedience and see Him great in our circumstances, He will lead us
   by His
truth and life to victory.


Church Reformation for City Transformation

   This year will prove to be a monumental one for the Body of Christ. Seeing God "as great" will
   enable us to move into new realms.  As the number 8 has
always been a significant sign of
   launching into new beginnings, this year
represents a "new beginning era for the Church."
   It is a strategic time in
God's timetable for a great reformation for the Church.
   The Greek word for
Church is the word "ekklesia" which means assembly or called out ones.
   Martin Luther received a new revelation from the Lord of "the just shall live by faith," which caused
   the structure of Christianity to be changed
forever. In this same way, there is a new revelation
   coming to those who
have ears to hear of another "monumental change" for the Church as we
known it.
   There has been a Church structure system in place since the time of the Great Reformation of
   Martin Luther's era, which has separated "clergy" from
laity." The Church has also focused on
   things occurring "inside" the four
walls of a building rather than wherever saints are living and
   working. This
separation has limited born again believers from successfully fulfilling their destiny
   or ministry. There has been a false belief that the power of
God and ministry of the Spirit was
   reserved just for "clergy."

   The new revelation coming forth at this time is--Jesus preached a message of the Gospel of the
    Kingdom. This message of the Kingdom is a message of the
Church impacting those things that
    had been lost at the fall. Jesus preached
that it was His Father's desire to have a Kingdom
    of priests who would
represent Him in the earth. He stated in the Book of Luke that He had a
purpose to preach the Gospel to the poor, proclaim release to captives, proclaim recovery of sight
    to the blind, set free those who are downtrodden,
and proclaim the favorable year of the Lord. 
    These Kingdom goals will now be
fulfilled by all in the Kingdom, rather than just a few.
    For the last several years, it has been on my heart that we were nearing the timetable of the Lord
    for a launching of a "Saints Movement" described in
Ephesians 4:12. This will be a time when
    believers will realize they can be
Kingdom priests with power to change their environments.
    This means
workplaces, governmental arenas, educational settings, media systems,
    entertainment spheres and financial institutions will be influenced by saints fulfilling destiny in
    those realms. This year of 2008 will be a year
we see this fulfillment come to a new fruition in the
    Church around the
world. This will enable the Church to impact and take dominion over forces
    of darkness as never before.
    In Matthew 16:18, Jesus tells Peter that he (Peter) received a revelation of who Jesus was and
    upon that revelation Jesus would build His Church.  Jesus
also said, "...the Gates of Hell shall not
    overpower it."  This "Kingdom
Dominion" movement will initiate a reformation of the Church today
    in a way
that enables believers to fulfill destiny in the power of the Lord.
   Colossians 1:25-27, states there has been a mystery hidden for ages and the mystery is "Christ in
   you the hope of Glory." For every born again believer,
these are exciting days of demonstrating the
   Kingdom of God.

   This year will initiate a movement in the Body of Christ, leading to great impact by the Kingdom of
   God upon the kingdoms of darkness.
As the Church arises to shine and take dominion in this hour,
   there will be
cities, states and nations changed and launched to fulfill God-given destinies.
   Signs, wonders and miracles will be an avenue for saints to
demonstrate the Kingdom in the places
   where they are.  
As we, Kingdom priests, reveal the nature of our King Jesus and demonstrate the
   power of His name, it will lead to a great harvest season
in the Church today. There are many that
   will be transferred from the
kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light, because saints are arising
   in this season and are seeing the Church transformed to a Church of power and dominion in the
   earth today.

   Let us see God as Great and hear the Spirit of the Lord to activate "Church Reformation for City

   Miracles Now!!

   Gale Sheehan
   Christian International Network
   About Gale Sheehan:
   Gale and his wife Shelly, serve as Directors of Christian International Apostolic Network and are the
   founders of Destiny Now Ministries. They serve as an apostle/prophet team in the Body of Christ
   and serve on apostolic oversight leadership teams for networks, Bible colleges and local churches.
   Gale and Shelly have appeared on the 700 Club and TBN broadcasts and are speakers at national
   and international conferences.
   Gale and his family reside in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.
   Contact: 800-388-5308


  Barbara J. Yoder
  Taking On Goliath
  Copyright 2009
  Published by Charisma House
  ISBN 978-1-59979-227-9

   Prophetic Word from Barbara Wentroble and Keith Pierce
   (Sunday, August 12  2007)

Barbara Wentroble: "In days past you have learned that I am the God of the mountains.
  You have learned that I am a victorious God that conquers the mountain.
  This is an hour when you shall also know that I am Lord of the valley.
  Even the valley that has seemed to pull you down in this hour, I have put resurrection power
  within My people and you shall even be empowered to raise up the valleys.
  Did I not say that I would bring down the mountains and lift up the valleys and cause the 
  crooked places to become straight.
 This is an hour that My people shall learn that I am the
  Lord of the valley.
 That which looks like death around you shall not overpower you.
  I am releasing resurrection power. You shall speak to the valley. You shall speak to the dead
  bones. You shall see the life of My Spirit come forth. In this hour do not believe that I am only
  the Lord of the mountains. You shall see that I am also Lord of the valley."

  Keith Pierce: "In this valley place, look and see the dry bones that lay around you.
  Begin to speak to those bones, speak to them clearly. Speak to them with the authority that
  I am giving you and you will begin to hear them rattle. When they rattle, you will begin to hear
  them come together. When they come together, you will see what is dead brought to life in a
  new way.
 Do not let the valley capture you, but see in this valley where you stand,
  how to speak to your surroundings because today is a day that I am awakening the
  dry bones.

  Today is a day that they dry bones are being knitted together.
  Today is a day that what has been dead is coming to life in His holy name.”

  Barbara: "Even as it was on the day of Pentecost, when I released tongues of fire upon
  My church,
 this is a day that I shall once again release My fire upon My people.
  Your tongue shall be like that of a fire. It shall go forth with the word of the Lord and it shall
  burn up the enemy and it shall ignite the people of God.
  This is an hour that I shall take the very word that I have hidden in your heart and no longer
  shall it be a hidden word. It shall come forth as a mighty declaration of the power of God in this
  hour. Receive a fresh fire that I am releasing upon you this day and know that the word that
  I have put within you shall not remain locked up. This is a time that you shall release it in the
  same way that the Word of the Lord was released in the valley of dry bones and there was a
  supernatural manifestation of My power. This is an hour that there will be a supernatural
  manifestation of My power upon your word. Do not hold back in this hour, but release
e word of the Lord and watch the fire of God burn up your enemies."

  It always amazes me that the Lord speaks far and wide through multiple individuals in 
  languages of the nations as He did on the Day of Pentecost.  Each prophetic decree is spoken
  with unique styles yet the message is always as a "golden thread of one voice."

  Our Newsletter Archives and our podcasts are rich in the work of the Holy Spirit!
  The following is an excerpt from our Prophetic Voice Newsletter Issue 12:

  "Good News!
  The Church is in a season of apostolic reform. 
  Visions of new ministries were multiplied exponentially in the year of 2008.
                      see Prophetic Voice Newsletter: 
YEAR 2008
The coming year of 2009 will be an awesome season of birthing these visions! 
  It is a year of proclaiming God’s gift of grace to all mankind! 
  It is a birthing of the Light of Jesus spreading dynamically over the whole earth!  It is a time where
  God is taking the Church back to the basics of the 1st century church foundations!
  Apostolic ministry focuses on foundations. For those who were subscribers with us the year
  of 2008, you have been taught many principles of the foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
  God has unveiled and revealed His will, thoughts and actions through His Spirit! 
  He promises greater things to come!"


   The Holy Spirit only has one voice!
  Are you able to listen to the Spirit and not the vessel through which God speaks?

   Do you think Balaam was impressed with the source and the delivery of the word of knowledge 
   he received?

   Numbers 22:27-35  NKJV
   27 And when the donkey saw the Angel of the LORD, she lay down under Balaam; so Balaam's
   anger was aroused, and he struck the donkey with his staff.

   28 Then the LORD opened the mouth of the donkey, and she said to Balaam, "What have I done
   to you, that you have struck me these three times?"

   29 And Balaam said to the donkey, "Because you have abused me. I wish there were a sword
   in my hand, for now I would kill you!"

   30 So the donkey said to Balaam, "Am I not your donkey on which you have ridden, ever since
   I became yours, to this day? Was I ever disposed to do this to you?"

   And he said, "No."
   31 Then the LORD opened Balaam's eyes, and he saw the Angel of the LORD standing in the way 
   with His drawn sword in His hand; and he bowed his head and fell flat on his face.
   32 And the Angel of the LORD said to him, "Why have you struck your donkey these three times?
   Behold, I have come out to stand against you, because your way is perverse before Me.
   33 The donkey saw Me and turned aside from Me these three times. If she had not turned aside
   from Me, surely I would also have killed you by now, and let her live."

   34 And Balaam said to the Angel of the LORD,"I have sinned, for I did not know You stood in the
   way against me. Now therefore, if it displeases You, I will turn back."

   35 Then the Angel of the LORD said to Balaam, "Go with the men, but only the word that I speak
   to you, that you shall speak."


   The following is accessible at The Prophetic Voice Newsletter

   A Word of Knowledge has been released by the Word of God and through His abiding presence...
Word of Knowledge released January 2009...
   "Prepare the Way of the Lord for He is coming in the Clouds of Righteousness and Judgment to
   restore that which was lost.
   The year 2009 is the Year of the Holy Spirit.
   His gifts are nine, His fruit are nine and His presence shall birth the new things released in dreams
   and visions of 2008.  All things shall be magnified as the new things are swept into existence
   through the pangs of travail.  Receive today, the blessings of the Kingdom in the union of a man
   and woman, Christ and His Bride.

  Nine months is the baby nourished.  Now, the birthing day of miracle power shall come forth even
  as a child from the womb.  Rejoice all you faithful and committed children! 
  Rejoice for the Lord is your strength!   The Light of the Lord shall shine in the darkness that rages
  upon the earth.   Hold fast to Hope and walk in the Promises for you shall live and not die."

Delivered through Ron Gann     

  The number 9 is represented by both the spiritual and physical.
  There are 9 Gifts of the Spirit.  
  God's spiritual gifts to His Kingdom people.
  There are 9 Fruit of the Spirit.  
  God's spiritual nature for Kingdom character development.
  There are 9 calendar months; represents gestation season.

  Chronos and Kairos time are governing aspects of Kingdom Life.

  Nine months are required for natural development of a human baby:
  God's physical time appointed for birthing through travail.


   Click the link that follows and either download or listen to what the Lord
   spoke through His divine Word and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  
   It is a prophetic message that points directly to what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to His Citizens
   of the Kingdom of God in this prophetic season.

It is the Year of the Holy Spirit!

For Such A time As This !

The Holy Spirit only has one voice!

    The Holy Spirit has been speaking in this series of prophetic declarations about the things He has
    also recently released April 2009 through Kim Clement.   God wants His people to know and be
    comforted in what He is doing in the earth! 

    It is important that the church is awakened to the foundational work entrusted to the 1st century
    apostles.  God's apostles and prophets of this hour are declaring the same "golden thread"
    message in expressions and demonstrations unique to the graces of God within them.  
    We are hearing a unity in the messages that the supernatural administrations of the Holy Spirit
    are at a threshold of being manifested with another awesome outpouring and manifestation of  
    the supernatural!  

    Benny Young forwarded the following prophesy of Kim Clement; via Elijah's List. He wanted to
    edify our visitors and partners with anticipation the Holy Spirit may speak to you concerning these

    Kim Clement: There is a Treasure Chest About to Be Opened Up, and People Will Say, "It is Impossible"

    by Kim Clement
    May 1, 2009

    Prophetic declaration delivered on April 4, 2009 in Seattle, Washington:

   America is on the verge of a change, America is on the doorstep. A brand new door is about to open
   for this nation—a door we never expected. We are on the verge of something. People have not seen it.
   Men have cried, men have complained. But God said, "While they are complaining and while there is
   blindness in the Church and blindness from the people, I am already calling you, 'Come up here, come
   up here, come up here to a higher place,' and I will show you the things that will take place after this."

   "There Will Be a Sign in the Heavens—It is About to Be Born in This Nation"

   For the Spirit of the Lord says, "There shall be a sign that I will send to you," says the Spirit, "there will
   be a sign in the heavens. It will look and it shall be likened unto a woman that is about to give birth, that
   she is in labor." For God said, "There shall be a sign, for even in the Book of Revelation, even as I said
   there was a sign in the heavens, so in this nation I shall bring a sign in the heavens. And it shall look as
   if it is a woman, it shall be as a woman that is in labor and about to give birth," says the Spirit of God, "
   to a son."

   For God said, "There is a birth taking place. And America is suffering the labor pains, America is suffering
   the last hours before the birth of this child. Did you not know that during your labor, did you not know
   during your pain that there will be something birthed?" says the Spirit of the Living God. "It's about to
   be born. It's about to be born for this nation—a move of My Spirit that shall shake the Church, that shall
   shake the gates of the cities. Listen to the Word of the Lord. It's about to be born and your travail must
   come to an end," says the Lord!

   We've heard all the best and the greatest sermons and knowledge has been divided where men have
   begun to regurgitate for too much knowledge. The Spirit of God said, "Let the Spirit speak, let the Spirit
   bring visions. Let the Spirit bring dreams, let the Spirit bring trances, and let them put you in trances
   that you may see and that you may dream the dreams of God and not have the nightmares of satan."
   For God said, "There have been too many nightmares and there has been too much fear and this has
   come from the dispersing that has come from a chest that has been opened up by the powers of hell."

   I Will Show You the God of Elijah

   But yet God said, "There is a treasure chest that is about to be opened up, and a provision that will
   come to this nation which people will say, 'It is impossible.' Some will even say, 'It is evil.'"
   But God says, "Fear not, for the shaking that you are about to experience is coming because this
   that you have been laboring is a child that is about to be born—a move of the Spirit that is about to
   be birthed. Even as you have fasted and you have prayed and you have called out to God, and you
   have said, 'Where is the God of Elijah, where is the God of Elijah?'"

   God said, "Even as Elisha stood at the water and he struck it and said, 'Where is the God of Elijah?'"
   so God says, "I will show you the God of Elijah. I will show you the God of Daniel. I will show you the
   God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. I will show you the God of Ezekiel. I will show you the God
   of Elijah. I will show you the God of Moses. I will show you the God of Enoch who walked with God;
   I will show you Him!

   "Yes I will," says the Spirit of God. "I will show you Him. I will show you the same visions that Ezekiel
    had—I will show you the wheel in the middle of the wheel. I will show the same that Jeremiah saw as
    he saw a tree and he saw the budding of the branches, so I will show it to you," says the Lord. "Even
    as Daniel saw the Kingdom that would be received and the Kingdom that would be obtained by the
    people and the saints of the Most High God, I will show you the same visions, I will show you the
    same dreams."

   "I Will Speak to Your Children...It is Only the Children that Can Bring About This Thing"

   "Your children—do not reject them for they are going to dream the dreams of God, and they are going
    to have the visions of Christ." And God says, "They will wake up and they will come to your beds and
    they will say, 'Daddy or Granddad, can you please help me? I saw something.' For even as Samuel
    stood and he was before the presence of Eli, and God spoke to him, so I will speak to your children
    in the presence of evil. I will speak to your children in the presence of religion. I will speak to your
    children," says the Lord, "for it is only the children that can bring about this thing," says the Lord!

   "Listen America. Listen to the child that is about to be born. Listen to the sound of this child."
    God says, "And even as people have said, 'We cannot take it anymore, the Church is redundant,
     the Church no longer has the life that is had,' do not be fooled." God said, "For that which is invisible
     I am going to make visible. That which is unseen I am going to make seen. That which has been in the
     womb is going to come forth and be shown to you," says the Lord. "So that pride will be given back
     to the Church, so that joy will be given back to the Church."

    God said, "Let the prophet prophesy tonight. Let the dead bones in the valley come to life.
     Let the dead bones of your children come to life. Let the dead bones of your family come to life as you
     prophesy," says the Lord.

    "Look at the sign that is coming in the sky." For God said, "Would you call for God to show you?
    For is it not told," says the Spirit of God, "that this woman that brought and gave birth to this child is
    likened unto a generation—the Bride of Christ that gives birth to this great move—this end time move,
    men have cried out for it. In the early 17th century they saw your day. In the early 1800s they saw your
    day and prayed for it. Abraham saw your day and prayed for this day. Daniel saw this day and he
    prayed for it."

    For the Spirit of God said, "David saw this day and sang for it. Everyone saw this day, even as early
    as the early century they saw this day and said, 'What day is this that the earth would yield its produce
    to the sons of men? What is this day that even the earth will save the woman that has run away as
    a flood has come and spewed out of the mouth of the serpent?'"

    "There Has Been a War in the Heavens for the United States of America"

    So the Spirit of God says, "It is so and it is this day that I speak of, for many don't understand that there
    has been a war in the heavens for the United States of America. There has been a war in the heavens
    for these United States. Do you understand that this is not a battle against the economy? This is not
    a battle against a Democrat or Republican. This is not a battle against a ruler. This is a battle that has
    been taking place in the heavens." But God said, "I have expelled those that have tried to interpret
    incorrectly and I've taken them out of the heavens and expelled them to the earth."

    For the Spirit of God says, "This generation, you that have birthed this child, and about to give birth
    to this move of the Spirit, satan shall chase after you," but God said, "I will give you two wings. I will
    give you the wings of eagles so that you will be taken to a place that I have kept just for you," says
    the Lord. "I will take you to a place that I have kept just for you. I will give you two wings, the wings
    of eagles," says the Spirit of God, "and you shall be carried to a place of safety while the enemy tries
    to find you, and you will not be able to find this generation and they will not be able to destroy the
    child" (the move of God's Spirit).

    "When the child is born, he (satan) will immediately try to kill this move. When this movement is born,
    he will immediately try to kill it, just like they tried to kill Christ when He was born, just like they tried to
    kill Moses when a deliverer was about to come forth. This movement is a movement of deliverance,"
    says the Lord, "this movement is a movement of deliverance. But I will deliver the earth from the curse."

    And God said, "I will do exactly what I said." He said, "For even as I spoke in Exodus 23, and I said
    these words: 'If they would just hearken unto My voice, if they would just hearken unto My voice,"
    God said, "and they would obey My voice, there shall be no sickness. I will take sickness from
    amongst you. I did not say that you will not be sick. I said I will take sickness from amongst you—
     I will take it out. There shall be no more miscarriages, and there will be none that will be barren
     amongst you," says the Lord. "But I will bless your hands; I will bless your womb. I will bless your
     businesses; I will bless your churches," says the Spirit of God.

    This is a word for the United States of America. I've been caught up into a spirit world. I cannot move
    from there now. For God says, "There is a sign, there is a sign that is coming from the heavens and
    you will see it. It is as a woman that holds a child, the child that has been born." And God said, "The
    enemy shall say, 'I must spew out of my mouth the waters so that there will be a flood, and so the flood
    will take this generation and take this child.'"

    But the Spirit of God said, and hear the word of the Lord: "The earth shall save the woman, the earth
    shall save the child, the earth shall swallow up the water and there shall be no flood of evil nor iniquity.
    There shall be no flood of evil nor iniquity," says the Spirit of God. "They shall not take this that is
    about to be born and cause that to happen that happened in the previous generation and the previous
    move. There shall not be barrenness, there shall not be any miscarriages, there shall be no dues paid."
    God said, "There shall be no divorce, and there shall be no people that shall say it is okay to do these
    things." For God said, "This that is about to be born is one of the holiest moves of My Spirit and it shall
    be done with the most unholy people that are alive today," says the Lord. America, hear the word!

   I'm seeing all kinds of things. I see a spider web and I see a spider and, "This thing that the spider has
   caught," God said, "is a necessity. Why?" Because the Spirit of God says, "This has weaved its web
   in the palaces; the spider has weaved its web in the palaces," says the Lord, "even in the greatest of
   royalty in My Kingdom, the chosen generation." We have found spiders and we have found cobwebs,
   and God said, "This has to be removed."

   "The Earth is Crying Out for the Manifestation of This Movement About to Be Born"

    For the Spirit of God says, "Even as America has prayed and the people have called out, this vision
   that has been caught has been brought to your attention, is so that you will understood something is
   being born, a movement is being born, and the unholiest shall become the holiest. And those that are
   of much iniquity shall become the saints of the Most High God. Those who have rejected Him shall fall
   on their knees, and they shall become as the Davids of this day.

   "You don't understand that," God said, "I will open your eyes with the knowledge that is given tonight.
   The earth is crying for the manifestation of the sons of God. The earth is crying out for the manifestation
    of this movement that is about to be born in the United States of America, in New Zealand, in Australia,
    in Africa, in South Africa." God says, "In England, in Scandinavia, in Greece there shall be a very
    unusual move.

   "In Italy, even the Roman Catholics shall say, 'Abba Father,' and they shall say, 'There is only one Christ,'
    and they shall embrace this thing," says the Lord. "For the present Pope that I have given shall be
    washed in the Blood of Christ in a way that they have never seen before. Millions and millions of Roman
    Catholics will cry out and they will speak with a new language with stammering lips—they will prophesy.
    For a prophetic movement shall come upon the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestants shall say,
    'This is not right.'" But God says, "It shall be right, for I will join their hands together and they shall be
    as one and it shall come to pass. It shall come to pass that the dream of Martin Luther and the dream
    of those that took on Protestants and their movement," God said, "they will see the joining of hands."

    And God said, "It shall then move into Russia, and it shall move into Indonesia. It shall move then into
    China. It shall move," God says, "into places never dreamed of, but one place that it shall certainly
    shake shall be the Middle East," says the Spirit of God. "For the Middle shall defy the spirit of rage.
    It shall despise the spirit of murder and hated religion and begin to embrace the Christ who shall walk
    their streets.

    "America, you did not go there in vain to Iraq. You did not go to the Middle East in vain. I needed the
    soldiers' feet to be on that soil. As I told Joshua, wherever you put your feet I will give it to you.
    This war was not in vain. The blood that was shed was not in vain. That blood shall cry out and
    Christ's Blood shall cry out in the Middle East," says the Lord!

   "My Church Shall Arise and Invade the Kingdoms of This World"

   "South Korea, North Korea shall become one," says the Lord. "North Korea, your President is dead;
    he is already dead. I have already written on the wall, 'Mene, mene, tekel, parsin.'" God said, "Your
    days are numbered, you have been counted in the balances. Therefore, Kim, it is now time for you to
    face this that you have done that has been iniquitous. You are no longer alive, you are a vegetable,
    you are brain dead." And God said, "Because of that, I will cause that to bring about unity in South
    and North Korea and the greatest move of the Spirit shall come from there.

   "America shall look and say, 'What is this happening? We thought we could make peace through the
    United Nations.' Hey, what is the United Nations? It is an evil force," says the Lord, "that is a stench
    to  My nostrils. They are not what I have called." God said, "My Church shall arise and invade the
    kingdoms of this world and the kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdoms of our God and
    His Christ," says the Lord!

    "There is angelic visitation, you may not believe it. They didn't believe it in Ezekiel's day, they didn't
    believe it in Isaiah's day. They didn't believe it when David stood and watched the angel as he spoke
    to God and said, 'I would rather you slay me, but don't slay these people.' And so, the judgment," says
    the Lord, "shall be stayed and the plague shall be stayed," says the Spirit of God. "Because the David
    of this hour and the prophets of this hour have stood outside the cities of this nation and they have
    said, 'God, hold back the plague, hold back the plague and save Your people.'

    "Do not fall for this that they have said, 'I will judge you and destroy you.'" For God said, "It shall not
     be so. For the movement that is about to be born shall bring holiness and bring life and sanctity, and
     this nation shall be shaken to the core because of this night and because of what the word of the Lord
     has said to every one of you."

    Kim Clement

   Prophetic Image Expressions


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   Hear what the Spirit of God is saying to God's people:
   05-21-09  Word of the Lord:
     Psalms 46:1-10  (Amplified Holy Bible Translation*)

   GOD IS our Refuge and Strength [mighty and impenetrable to temptation], a very present and
   well-proved help in trouble.
   2 Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change and though the mountains be
   shaken into the midst of the seas,
   3 Though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains tremble at its swelling and tumult.
   Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!
   4 There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God,
the holy place of the
   tabernacles of the Most High.
   5 God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved; God will help her right early
   [at the dawn of the morning].
   6 The nations raged, the kingdoms tottered and were moved; He uttered His voice,
   the earth melted.
   7 The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our Refuge (our Fortress and High Tower).
   Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!
   8 Come, behold the works of the Lord, Who has wrought desolations and wonders in the earth.
   9 He makes wars to cease to the end of the earth; He breaks the bow into pieces and snaps
   the spear in two; He burns the chariots in the fire.
  10 Let be and be still, and know (recognize and understand) that I am God.
   I will be exalted among the nations! I will be exalted in the earth!

     With unity of purpose, the guidance and communion of the Holy Spirit and the commitment
    to build interpersonal relationships exponentially, we believe a true spiritual awareness of Christ's
    righteous living can be brought to individuals, communities of families, churches and ultimately
    government on earth.  God's Word is sure! 

     " Look to the Sun, the Light of the World... Look to the rising Star that illuminates and disperses
     the darkness.  Both are the King of Bethleham's Birth!  Seek His Spirit that leads the way...
     a way that we have yet to travel.  Just as Saul of Tarsus was blinded by The Lord's
     manifested Light, we hold to the prophetic declaration this is the season His Light shall engulf
     the hearts of men.  His grace is being poured out!
    The saints are being stirred. By the Spirit of Almighty God shall there be Victory in the Land!" 
           05-28-09 Ron Gann

   The following Prophetic Encouragement was posted in Kneeling Heart Newsletter
    August 1, 2009 of published by
Andre & Kimberly Lefebvre.     

  OUR CURRENT TIMES - by Victoria Brewton

  Before dawn, I was awakened to the Lord encouraging us from Jeremiah 33.
  We are in a season of contending at the gate against the enemy for all the new
  the Lord is "birthing" through us spiritually in this year of Hannah (miraculous
  births). While talking with a friend after Rich and Gracie's wedding in Houston in
  June, I heard the Lord say that He had delayed many birthings to these last 3
  months of the year (by God's Biblical calendar) to protect what was coming forth
  from the enemies waiting to destroy (Rev 12). As the number of the devil's
  minions is limited, the Lord is stretching those resources by having thousands
  upon thousands of birthings occur at the same time.

  We are close to the ending of this year, with Rosh Hashanah beginning the Fall
  Feasts the evening of September 18 - 50 days away. This is the same number of
  days between Passover (deliverance) and Pentecost (supernatural provision
  through fresh fire and wind of the Spirit). Since the Fall Feasts represent our
  awakening/cleansing (Trumpets), passing inspection under the Shepherd's rod
  (Day of Atonement), leading to celebrating with God in the midst of His glory
  and presence (Tabernacles), I see the significance and connection of these next
  50 days.

  We are now entering a great acceleration in this time of transition called "Dire
  Straits" (for Israel but also the church) - a very narrow place where we cannot
  turn around to go back to the old but where we are pressed to go forward into
  the new, larger place (spiritually, and naturally for some). Yes, the battle is very
  intense for those who are determined to cooperate with all that God wants to do
  in and through them.

  It is imperative for the fulfillment of our divine destiny that we say "YES!" to
  everything the Lord shows us - things to receive and things to let go of. Many
  of us have been "wrestling" through the night and awaking very tired because
  we are both contending with the enemy and interacting with God as He is showing
  us things that weigh us down that He wants to remove at this time.

  PROPHETIC ENCOURAGEMENT I hear the Lord saying, "Call out to me -
  just call out My name - and I will show you things that will give you strength to
  continue...things that you do not recognize or understand. I am visiting My people
  in the night seasons to bypass the filters of human reasoning to establish new
  ways of thinking (new wineskins). Prepare your heart each night with an
  expectation to meet with Me while you sleep. I do see the uncertainty and
  difficulty that you are going through, but I am coming to you to shine My light
  upon your deepest parts to bring My divine order into your life - just as I did at
  creation (Gen 1).

  I have chosen this generation to live supernaturally in these end times. I am
  calling you to agree with Me about your need to move to a higher level of faith
  and dependence upon only Me so that you will do the exploits that I have written
  in your Book in Heaven. This is far beyond the human reasoning capabilities that
  I placed in you, and now is the time to take this leap as you press through this
  narrow place of transition.

  For when you simply call out My name in your time of need and uncertainty,
  you are immediately positioned at My throne of grace, where I will impart My
  incomparable mercy and grace (divine ability) so I can fulfill My plans and
  purposes for your life. When you cry out to Me as a child to his Father and I
  respond, that sound of agreement reverberates in Heaven and earth and causes
  a rumbling that rolls away the stones your enemies have placed within your with Jacob's wells...My well of living water within you.

  Yes, I am surely coming as your Deliverer in the night seasons to reverse your
  captivity and release My health and healing that you have been unable to do
  through all of your own efforts, the things you have used as a defense against the
  enemy (v4). As you call out to Me in your need, I will cure you and reveal the
  abundance of truth and peace - My prosperity, security, stability - for I am
  reshaping your spiritual identity, rebuilding and re-engineering you to withstand
  all of the assaults of the enemy in this next war season.

  For you are My mighty threshing machine that I have saved for these times
  through My manifold wisdom. You will be to Me a name of joy, a praise and a glory
  before all who will hear your amazing testimonies of My saving grace and power
  that unlocks all the good within you. You will sing again a new song by My Spirit,
  says the Lord - the voice of joy and gladness...the voice of the bride and the
  bridegroom...joined with the voices of thanksgiving from the rest of My Body...
  filling the earth with My victory cry!

  For you are truly all one Body - not the disjointed and separated church that man
  has turned it into - you are My Body, and I AM your head. My thoughts and ways
  are higher than your thoughts and ways, but now is the time to submit your mind
  to the mind of Christ so you will think My thoughts from the simultaneous beating
  of our hearts as one. I AM your shepherd, and you are My sheep...sheep that are
  passing again under My hand for inspection to remove all that hinders My complete
  love from manifesting in your life. I want you to know without any doubt that I
  will fulfill the good promise I have made to you as I execute justice and
  righteousness in the land.

  The Lord says, I AM your righteousness...this is your name...this is who you are.
  You will recall that righteousness is My scale for executing justice as I offered
  Abraham for sparing Sodom and Gomorrah. As you allow this realignment within
  you, greater righteousness will come forth as a peaceable fruit with a new
  fragrance and flavor for My new wine for this season.

  Because of My everlasting covenant with you, pleasant waters and pastures await
  you to dwell in...the places of My refreshing and restoration that are yours when
  you simply abide in Me. But you must learn to abide in a deeper way so My
  supernatural fruit will manifest within you and multiply to those around you.
  So cease from your labors, your own efforts of trying to understand all that is
  happening to you. Come to Me even in the night seasons, and I will give you rest
  for your souls as you experience a new freedom for deeper dependence and
  oneness with Me, says the Lord."

Please read for yourself Jeremiah 33:1-4; 6-9; 11-16; 25-26 so God can show you
  even more things that you do not know! May His abundance be manifested within
  you today!

  Mucho amor,

  Victoria Brewton
  Ministerios Victoriosos

   August 31, 2009

   The Lord has shown me that we are in this time of acceleration; we have stepped
   into Amos 9:13—“…the plowman will overtake the reaper.” All of eternity is
   pouring into the present causing us to accelerate forward. Seeds that have been
   sown in the past, seeds of destiny, both good and evil, are full-grown and ready
   for reaping. As the realm of eternity is meshed with the present, we are
   witnessing a culmination of events—loose ends are being tied up before the return
   of Christ. Things that would normally take ten years to happen will only take ten
   months—even ten weeks! There is a rapid maturity taking place in the body of
   Christ as the cloud of His presence descends and blankets us corporately.
   This season is not simply coming—it is here!

   Right now, through the Glory, God is releasing mandates, mantles, and miracles—
   the spirit of might and multiplication Is being poured out on the believing body
   of Christ all over the earth, for the purpose of world harvest. In these days we will
   witness unparalleled demonstrations of the Kingdom of Power and Glory.
   Additionally, in this time, the Lord is requiring that His people be set apart for His
   plans and purposes—extreme obedience and passionate purity are essential.
   Lifestyles of radical worship and faith are the fuels that will ignite revival fires
   among this generation—a people wholly consumed with, and consecrated in, the
   fiery presence of the living Christ

     Tom Hill
     Glory Now Ministries


   The following graces where proclaimed
in 2005 by Prophet Bobby Orange,
   Joshua Ministries, Jacksonville, Florida 

   There are 8 New Things God has given us to accomplish His will:
  1.  New Relationships
  2.  New Identities
  3.  New Garments of Favor
  4.  New Anointings
  5.  New Level of Authority
  6.  New Actions…as well as signs, wonders, miracles
  7.  New Weapons for War
  8.  New Sound…   Victory as conquers.

      Let us look at some weapons for war...
      God's economy of money was created to solve problems. It is a spiritual and physical weapon.
      Spiritually, the ministry of finances is a visionary weapon against ignorance, disease and poverty.  
      In the physical realm, money enables the Gospel to go forth!

As a physical tangible,  currency has the power to wage a war to build and supply resources
      for visions: missions, orphanages, academies and hospitals.
      What we must understand is that in the spiritual obedience of the planting is the manifold
      power of the harvest!  The harvest is the multiplication of your seed and the demonstration
      of your faith... releasing into the unseen world that it may manifest into the seen world!

Spiritual weapons of the Church’s warfare are preaching, prayer, praise and worship, prophesy,
    and the righteous deeds of the saints. Our weapons are powerful, mighty through God to the
    pulling down of demonic activities and influences in spiritual stongholds!


  Our ultimate weapon as the army of God is to be found one in Christ’s service. 
   Enlightenment, illumination and revelation are the Holy Spirit's empowerments as
   He releases the Gifts of the Spirit in the manifestation of the 8 things declared above.


The Year 2010

    This year is to be profound in every way!
      It is a year of supernatural demonstration of Father God’s sovereign reign of both the physical

     and spiritual realm.

   The Light of the Gospel through the administration of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ, will shine
   in a radiance in ways not experienced by the current population
of the globe! 
   The universe in great glory shall display the magnitude of God’s righteous judgments

   established before the foundations of the world!

   Onlookers have already seen the beginning of this demonstration by the horrendous shaking
   of the earth’s crust and the extreme changes in weather patterns prevailing around the globe….
   Physical Realm:
   ► Drought

   ► Floods and Mudslides
   ► Record Precipitation
   ► Record Snow Fall 
   ► Record Freezing Temperatures
   ► Record Wind Velocities
   ► Record Devastation by Earthquakes
  Spiritual Realm:

Death exponentially of catastropic scope.
Acceleration of Poverty and Economic Shakeout
   ► Escalation of Fascism and Power Positioning for Controlling the Earth’s Vital Resources
   ► Hardening of Men’s Hearts toward Moral and Righteous Values

   Just as these forces are dynamically displayed, God has made ready a supernatural
   demonstration of His
Presence and Power that at this "Hour" in History shall shake the nations... 
                                                                                                          Ron Gann  01-24-2010


   For an in-depth look at the measures the Lord has released
  and set in place for 2010, it only
requires an action many simply negate…


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YEAR 2011

     Beginning in late November of 2010, the Holy Ghost began to minister to my spirit mind
    about the work he would be doing on behalf of the Trinity of God.  The words and insights into
    the realm of the Spirit were becoming very clear.  I began to repeatedly hear the Holy Spirit
    speak about Initiation and Activation.  

    We have not yet seen the close of the work that was initiated in 2010 in either the climatic
    extremes, the geological alterations by earthquakes deep within the earth nor the full
    accomplishment of the restoration and refinements to divine appointments and manifestations
    of super-natural experiences regarding the expansion of the Kingdom work of God.

     Word of Wisdom for Year 2011

    "For those who are thirsty and hungry for more than they have ever experienced in relationship
    with My presence and ways of righteousness,  I shall take you to My holy Mountain to sup with
    you.  You shall eat of new manna and the Word of my dear Son shall become glistening bright.
    You will experience a new energy and confidence in the things of the Spirit to lead and guide
    you into wonders and signs that you have never dreamed.

    Be vigilant my sons and daughters for I have plans that only you will find in strategic encounters.
    Visitations from heaven and transformations to heaven shall become common place within
    the lives and activities of My elect and faithful servants. 
    Set aside the woes of this world for I am raising a standard in the earth that will accelerate past
    anything yet known to mankind. Do not walk in fear but be of a sound mind and full of expectation
    of My faithfulness and love for you. 
    I am a jealous God and no man can open or close doors for you that I have not ordained.
    Be diligent.. be full of anticipation and I will meet you suddenly both in the day and the night
    hours to commune with you.   Draw close to Me and I will draw closer to you than you could
    ever imagine. Watch and wait for me. 
    Lend your eyes and ears to the spirit world that you might learn and understand My ways. 
    My ways are not those of men and I cannot be found in them.
    Now, humble yourselves to fasting and prayer for out of the lean I shall bring the fat of the land
    to you to give out generously that there is plenty for all to fulfill the thirst and hunger I shall release
    and in which I shall perform My plan for this hour.  Hold to truth.  Dig for truth and protect it.
    It is the field and the pearl of which has been made ready for all who will enter in. 

   Many have come and many have gone out to scatter My elect. Many deceivers are working to
   slaughter My sheep.  Be of good cheer and strive to walk in peace. nothing can
   move those whom I have commended for the work of the ministry.  Support each other in times
   of uncertainty and know that I am in your midst and care for you even as I have cared for the
   sparrows.  Are you not of more value than the sparrows?  As you lift up my Son, I will draw hearts
   to Me and the transfer of the wealth of the wicked shall be treasure to your soul.  Your bosoms
   shall be filled with singing and joy.   Now go forth in My power and glory to tell of the goodness
   of the Lord.   I will honor you and multiply you as you go. " Thus, Says the Spirit of Almighty God.
                                                                                          Delivered through Ron Gann 12-24-2010

   Received the following prophetic insight in an email from my friend Prophet Gabriel Heymans
   dated  01-05-2011

   Dear friends and Partners,

   Greetings and blessings to all of you for the new year of 2011.
    I believe and know that this will become the greatest year of our lives ever.
    I know in my heart that we are spiritually, or as far as the outpouring of God is concerned,
    that we are at the same place where we were back in 1993.
    By that I mean, the same spiritual atmosphere exists today. There is an phenomenal "build up"
    or charge in the spirit.
   Therefore I firmly believe we will not close out this new year before we will see the manifestation
   of a brand new outpouring of God here in America, an outpouring which will soon spread
Morning Star New Year Conference 2010
Prophetic words for 2011
"The Angels in His Field"

     Essential viewing for those who want to know what God is up to in the year ahead.
prophetic words for 2011 from different believers and be challenged by
    Lance Wallnau
’s message, ‘Angels in the Field’.  Just as the shepherds of the nativity
    watched over the flocks in their field, and angels appeared, so God will supernaturally
    reveal your field of influence and give you divine strategies for your life.  You are part
    of a royal priesthood that is bringing Heaven to earth, ask God for renewed clarity
    concerning your calling/career as you watch.

Hear how often Brother Lance refers to  
God wants to Initiate in you!
Copy and Paste this Link into your Url
God TV Video: Duration: 2 h 25 min
Awesome prophetic worship!
This link received 01-15-2011 in an email directed to Heart of God Ministries International
Posted 7:46 pm cst  01-15-11


For more in-depth look at the measures the Lord has released
  and set in place for 2011,
it only
requires an action many simply negate…

   The Archives and Fresh Manna from the Lord which are declared and decreed through
   The Prophetic Voice Newsletter are available to those who
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    of prophetic insight?
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    These works of the City of Light are not frivolous articles but are rich in study and application
    of the Word of God.
  Here is further encouragement of prophetic significance for all decisions you make:
  Seek God through the Holy Spirit with the Word and prayer.
  Do not seek through lack of knowledge, but seek through wisdom.
  Confide in those who are "spirit-filled' to answer questions of the Spirit.
  Be watchful of counsel from those who are not qualified to speak of the spirit life.
  Take caution in personal preferences and judgments. Many have missed God by internalizing
  other's opinions and not leaning on the counsel of the Word. 

  Being a Christian is more than "meat
and drink."  It is a life in a culture focused upon the restored
  and sovereign operation and ministry of the Holy Spirit.

  Romans 14:17 
  For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy

  Did you catch the spirit of the word?   "In the Holy Ghost."
  How do you get in the Holy Ghost?  This ministry teaches the "how to"... the Light of the Spirit.
  The 'seed' to receive from Romans 14:17 is that we heed to what Jesus said to the woman at
  Jacob's well.   The living water is the Holy Ghost and He wants to pour out of you as rivers...
  in supernatural abundance!  Seek and Ask.

  John 4:10 AMP
  Jesus answered her, If you had only known and had recognized God's gift and Who this is that is
  saying to you, Give Me a drink, you would have asked Him [instead] and He would have given you
  living water.

  Spiritual Realities are convertible to Physical Realities.
  God can increase our territories to reach and teach in villages and cities globally.
He also has given the virtual world to reach and teach about Him and His Kingdom via the internet,  
  God is the Blesser, the Increaser, the Multiplier!

  He has made you a work in His Kingdom as a faithful steward that your fruit may remain
  to produce seed... that the seed may produce a new Harvest, a new, born again generation of souls!

  Our prayer is for you to be filled with John 4:10 in fullness of understanding.
  John 4:10 
  Jesus answered her, If you had only known and had recognized God's gift and Who this is that
  is saying to you, Give Me a drink, you would have asked Him [instead] and He would have given
  you living water.

  Let us come to the "mountain of God" together in spirit to give Him all praises and glory!

    May you study the City of Lights resources and also visit the Kingdom Ministries
   and Kingdom Konnections.  
   May you also seek the Lord as to what He would have you to do in connecting with us
   to Go Forth... taking the gospel to the nations of the world.

   There are great challenges and opportunities before us today!
As the prophetic declarations of this web page confirm,
   God is raising up His 21st century apostolic work!

   {see deeper study Apostolic Cover webpage}.

   To partner in apostolic communion with us...
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   God Bless You!
   Ambassador of Christ,
   Ron Gann

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      Our hearts and objectives are crystal clear.  We need help in travel expenses
      to reach divine appointments in Haiti, Africa, the Philipines and Cuba.
      Workers are ready to be trained in these countries. We are commited to raising
      up leaders armed with authentic apostolic christainity equipped and empowered to
      do likewise that the Kingdom of God may be expanded to villages, cities and nations!
      May the Banner of the Love Christ reign in every place there are ears to hear and
      hearts to receive!
       As you freely receive of our apostolic ministry, will you freely purpose to help us?
The fields are ripe!  Will you answer the call?
     The Lord Jesus said to His disciples, "The Harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. 
      Ask the Lord of the Harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.  
      Matthew 9:37-38
      Every christian is either called to GO or to Send...

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